Wow, the 2000 s were an extremely dark period for reality shows

( CNN) It’s the year 2000. There’s no such thing as “American Idol” yet, and the Kardashian zeitgeist is still a distant dream. It will be years before the big hair and Brooklyn fades of the Jersey Shore generation infiltrate our country’s beach houses and gym locker rooms. Housewives are still homemakers. Bachelors are still bachelors.

But in the year 2000, a little show called “Survivor” changes all of that, and like a big bang filled with hair extensions, white wine and spray-on tans, the next decade explodes with apparently endless permutations of reality TV.

You may remember it as a renaissance, fellow 2000 ‘s survivor. But “its also” a dark age.

Somehow, the decade that brought us enduring franchises like “American Idol, ” “Big Brother, ” The Bachelor/ ette and yes, the Kardashians, also belched forth some of the most cringeworthy, socially problematic shows to ever taint the airwaves.

The wackiest reality moments of the 2000 s

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