Girl Left Feeling Humiliated After Waitress Leaves Upsetting Comment On Her Bill

Gluten-free, Dairy-free, paleo, keto. It seems like dietary restrictions are all the rage these days with a new tendency in health and wellness popping up around every corner. It’s gotten to the point where people are becoming unhealthy while claiming to be healthy.

But for many people, it’s not just about being a part of the latest food trend, it is a necessary medical requirement that could have huge implications on their health.

In addition, unless someone is actually allergic to gluten or has celiac disease, it can be harmful to eat only gluten-free products.

As a outcome, there has been quite a lot of backlash against those who chose to give themselves dietary regulations without any just cause. However, where does that leave the people who do need to avoid certain foods?

Unfortunately, one girl in the UK was humiliated after a waitress at a eatery thought her dietary restrictions were a bunch of trendy fakeries.

Blogger Billie Geena had been diagnosed with irritable bowel disorder less than a year ago and is still struggling to manage her dietary triggers and new necessary ways of eating. She endured many tests and diet changes to find out how to manage her IBS and has had to eliminate certain foods.

These foods included garlic, onion, and milk products, which she politely asked the waitress to exclude from her snack. Since her IBS diagnosis, Billie had been having a lot of anxiety about eating out in public, and sadly this experience did nothing to help that.

The waitress did submit Billie’s request to the kitchen, but added the remark “haha”, which Billie saw upon receiving her bill. Billie explains in her own terms how she felt 😛 TAGEND

” I’ve only been on this stricter diet for less than a year and it’s been difficult adjusting. I suffer very bad with IBS and about a year ago I had to follow a Low Fodmap diet to find out what causes my flare-ups to be worse ,” she explained.

” I found that onions, garlic, milk and all sorts of different foods that are triggers for me to be ill. What happened brought back all the anxiety I’d had about going out for meals, and it’s genuinely not on. I don’t choose to be picky, I have to have a very restricted diet or else I am violently ill. If I could eat it, I would ,” Billie added.

Khalid Wani spoke to The Sun on behalf of the members of the restaurant and explained that what happened was unacceptable. He personally apologized to Billie and give the waitress a verbal warning.

” Nobody should make fun of people with food allergies or fanaticisms ,” Said Wani.” I’m fulfilled it was not the waitress’s intention to make fun of the customer but regardless of her aim, this should never have appeared on the bill .”

Want to know how good and kind-hearted waitressed can be rewarded? Check out this remarkable story in the video below. She certainly get more than simply a tip-off :

He continued,” We always try to give our customers as good an experience as is practicable and fulfill all their needs, and I’m very sorry about what happened on this occasion .”

Luckily for Billie, her request was fulfilled but had she not been taken seriously, it could have had some disastrous consequences. Let it be a lesson to listen when someone tells you that they can’t eat something. Otherwise, you might be the one calling the ambulance.

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