Woman Autumns 80 Feet While Doing Extreme Yoga Pose

A young woman has somehow survived a 80 -foot fall from a balcony railing while performing yoga.

Alexa Terrazas Lopez, 23, fell from the side of Torres Mizza apartment building in Nuevo Leon in Mexico’s northeast on August 17, local newspaper El Imparcial reports.

She’s said to have suffered severe fractures in her legs, arms, hips and nose after losing her balance.

Authorities said the balcony railing wasn’t injury after the fall and sources told the paper Ms Lopez regularly practises yoga on her balcony.

The 23 -year-old has also had to have her legs entirely rebuilt following an 11 -hour surgery.

She may not walk for another three years. According to Argentinean news site Infobae, she suffered more than 100 fractures and will remain in a coma for two weeks.

A photo circulate on social media indicates Ms Lopez hanging from a balcony by her legs.

Some news outlets reported the photo was taken moments before she fell, however this is yet to be confirmed.

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