Why a terminally ill young woman has changed her mind about living

La Jolla, California( CNN) To face every day, Claire Wineland undergoes hours of breathing therapies. It’s a reality of living with cystic fibrosis she’s come to accept.

She’d traveled from Los Angeles with her mom, her best friend and her cavity bull, Daisy, who flopped down on the floor atop one of Claire’s ever-present oxygen tubings. A full day of appointments at a nearby medical center awaited her, when she would begin the evaluation process to see whether she might be a candidate for a double-lung transplant.

A year earlier, Claire vowed that she’d never have the major surgery.

“It’s not for me and never has been, ” she said at the time.

She was more comfy dealing with the illness she knew than taking on the unknown. She preferred to focus on leading a purposeful life than worrying about death and how to dodge it.

A series of irreversible setbacks and some painful soul-searching, however, have prompted an about-face in her reasoning. Claire, 21, needs new lungs, or she will die — sooner than she’s willing to accept.

The only question is: Did her change of heart come too late?

Feeling trapped

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