Troll Turns Plus-Size Model Into A Cruel Meme, But He Never Expected Her To Reply

Human bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizings. Putting diet to the side, there are a lot of factors which go into a person’s genetic makeup, and these can play a huge role in their size. It’s also worth noting that factors outside our control- like certain life-saving drugs- can have an impact on our bodies. But despite these facts of life, there are some small-minded people out there who only revere one body type.

We all know what this body type is- for women, it’s a thin waist, ample bosoms, and, thanks to the Kardashian/ Jenner clan, a sizable behind, and if you’re a man, well, you’ll ideally be in possession of a chiseled situate of abs and an enviable hairline. But if you like 99% of population groups don’t possess these attributes naturally and can’t afford a plastic surgeon, you could be at risk of body-shaming, especially if you’re plus size.

This is something which plus-size model and blogger Lesego Legobane had to face when a random Twitter user decided to turn her into a meme, placing her painting next to that of a model, Joelle Kayembe, with an’ ideal’ body type and writing,” Girls that I like vs Daughters that like me[ sic ].”

Needless to say, @imleyton’ s tweet did not go down well with the good people of Twitter- and it’s no wonder. While social media might bombard us with ideal body kinds, it’s also dedicated rise to the body positivity movement, which encourages people to embrace what Mother Nature devoted them.

” Girls I like vs. Girls that like me” @mattfiacco wrote, recreating the meme with a more accurate reflection of @imleyton’ s standing with women.

However, it turns out that even Twitter’s @blank_rectangle wasn’t happy about this comparison and made a point of joking that, despite not actually being a woman, or indeed, a person, they too did not like the body-shaming @ imleyton.

” Who said I liked you though ,” wrote @blank_rectangle in response.

So what exactly bring so much attention to this random troll’s tweet? After all, the internet is awash with people who love cause trouble of the hell of it( pro tip: they tend to write exclusively in all caps ). Well, it’s because the meme just so happened to get back to Legobane.

Instead of letting this random troll’s body-shaming bother her, Legobane clapped back in the sassiest way possible.

” I don’t like you ,” she wrote, alongside a picture of the meme which implied she would do more than appear twice at @imleyton.

This reply was subsequently liked almost a million times, with many celebrities including Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande getting behind the plus-size model. It also meant that @imleyton’ s notifications exploded with people savagely trolling him for his actions.

This caused @ imleyton to make a dramatic U-turn on his initial assessment of Legobane’s body and he posted the picture again with the caption” Girlfriend objectives “. Obviously, this did not go well, and he was subject to even more trolling as a result.

But sadly @imleyton is not the first person to use memes to body-shame a person and he won’t be the last. That being said, if the internet continues to group together to call these trolls out, it will definitely reduce their numbers. No one wants to be subject to Twitter’s wrath.

Someone else who has been dishonor in this way is Twitter user @ahh_Wande. She wrote that her ex had done the same thing to her,” This ish[ sic] hurts me so much cause my ex put up a similar meme on his social media while we were dating. This clapback is mending lol !”

It’s often said that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and as much as this is a cliche, if you decide to shame someone else for their own bodies, it’s probably a good notion to make sure that you yourself are perfect, otherwise you risk this happening to you.

” Somebody is lying Bc( sic) I’m almost certain NO ONE likes him ,” joked @ValerieComplex alongside a picture of @ imleyton.

Other Twitter users made a point of writing that the “better” picture of Kayembe didn’t even accurately reflect her body type.

” The painting on the left is SUPER photoshopped ,” remarked @Tibblewinkles.

Some people didn’t even understand what exactly @ imleyton was trying to say as the picture of Kayembe has been so heavily edited.

” I don’t understand what the use of the picture is implying ,” wrote @roknese.” That girls who like him are real women ?”

Even though Twitter had Legobane’s back, one user made a point of screenshotting one of her tweets which uncovered the flip side of this coin.

When we hear the phrase “body-shaming” the first thing which typically pops into our mind is overweight people, but you as this problematic tweet from Legobane demonstrates, shaming people for being too thin is just as bad- after all, a high metabolism can make it hard to gain weight.

” But you have been body shaming too so you are nor saint,( sic )” wrote @koosmogale1 with a picture of a tweet Legobane wrote back in 2013 that read,” I feel so bad 4 skinny b* tches whose thighs dnt ouch. I bed their vagina’s are frozen AF when it’s cold outside.( sic )”

To detect why skinny-shaming can be so damaging, check out the video below :

While there’s no doubt that we all have our preferences when it comes to what the people we date look like, most of us in polite society keep them to ourselves, and some less brutal Twitter users simply told @imleyton off for being rude.

” What a rude human … what is that. People are annoying( sic ),” wrote @Zeechilliza.

” Exactly, you’re entitled to an sentiment and preference but why include other people. People who still fat-shame …” remarked @Simekahle.

So, the next time someone bothers you online, you should probably bare Legobane’s response in intellect and give them the response they deserve. Oh, and while you’re at it, you might want to review your social media feeds to make sure there are no body-shaming skeletons in your closet!

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