This Is What Monicas Apartment From Friend Would Look Like In 2018

If you’re a young professional living in one of the world’s biggest cities, be it London, Sydney, New York or anywhere else, then it’s commonly accepted that you’ll find yourself bunking down night after night in a cramped apartment, probably in a dodgy neighborhood, while paying sky high rent for the privilege.

Having grown up on an aspiration-diet of Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe, Joey Tribiani’s social life, and Monica Gellar’s amazing apartment, it’s all a long way from how we’d been led to believe our mid-twenties would look. And with Friends now on Netflix for us to watch while we’re eating our budget-brand spaghetti hoops on toast for the third time in a week, the differences are clearer than ever.

Ignoring the fact that a two-bed apartment in the West Village, New York, would today set you back about $5000 a few months- which isn’t exactly do-able for most chefs- Monica’s apartment has got to be the single-in-the-city dream home, what with its high ceilings, astonishing locating, spacious living space and abundance of natural light.

But as much as we love Monica’s flat, it’s got to be said that twenty years later it’s starting to look more dated than Rachel’s inexplicable not-smart-not-casual-certainly-not-cool skirt-suit, a la Season 1. In other terms, it built sense at the time, but now it could do with a freshen up.

Fortunately, a squad of interior designers from Modsy, who utilize computer imaging to build 3D models of beautiful interiors, have set their talents to good use and redesigned our favourite apartment for 2018. After creating a multi-dimensional version of the space, they updated it to feature all the mod cons and gave it a lick of paint- and now we’ve got worse apartment resentment than ever.

The Man Who Designed Monica’s Original Apartment Explains How He Did It:

As any keen friends fan will remember, Monica and Chandler actually moved out to the suburbs with their twins in the final ever episode, and the apartment was vacated as everyone handed their keys back in that end-of-an-era scene. But what if, in another parallel universe, they hadn’t?

Modsy’s designers decided to roll with this idea and presented us with a few different options , not only creating a design for if Mon and Chan were still living in the apartment, but also options for if they’d handed the lease over to Rachel or Joey. Prepare to be jealous.

Monica& Chandler

Just as our favorite Friends characters grew up and mellowed out, so too did their tastes in interior design- or at least that’s the hypothesi. For Monica and Chandler’s version of the flat, the team at Modsy ran for a design model that they described as Rustic Warmth, which mixtures contemporary furniture with hints of rustic chic, saying that they believe that the style would appeal to” Monica’s eclectic savor and Chandler’s need for comfort “. All in all, it looks pretty cozy.

Of course, there had to be some nods to the original apartment- a little something to remind Mon and Chan of their fun filled twenties when they’re knee deep in nappies- so the famous violet hue has been kept alive on the door, like a purple portal to the past. Look closely and you’ll notice that the Laurel and Hardy poster and the green’ messy closet’ doorway are still there too, although nowadays it’s more likely to be stuffed full of toys.

All in all, I would wholly live here. 7/10.


As someone working at the height of the fashion industry, you’d expect Rachel to have had a pretty damn sweet space to call home all the way through Friends. Alas, that was not to be, and instead,” The One With The Best Hair” actually ricochetted around from place to place, living with every other character at one point or another.

But fast forward to 2018 and, thanks to the Modsy crew, Rachel ultimately has a place just for her and Emma …. maybe she and Ross are on a break? Anyway, let’s not start that again.

In this version, Rachel’s flat been given what the designers have described as a” Less is More Chic” topic- the apartment is decorated with simple lines and neutral colourings- with Emma now well into her late teens, it’s finally safe enough to start using white props again. In a nod to her eye for style, there are also hints of millennial pink and plush velvet to spice things up a bit.

For some reason that we can’t precisely put our thumb on, considering Rachel was never exactly known for her academic prowess, they’ve given her this gorgeous writing desk framed by natural light. To is equitable, it’s so pretty I’d probably just use it to do my make up.

I think this one is definitely my favorite. 9/10 would live here.

Jo ey

After many years working as a struggling actor living in the world’s drabbest flat, it was about time that Joey was treated to a step up when it comes to interior design.

Somehow, the specific characteristics they’ve created- which they termed Atomic Industrial Style- manages to perfectly combining the man-cave vibe with something a little more adult. Like, it’s definitely still a lad’s place and you could totally imagine him having the guys around to watch the game, but the use of woods, metals and leather attains it all a bit more classy.

As ever, the inclusion of a few nostalgic touches take you back a few years, but unlike with the other two apartments, they’re all a bit more practical such as the foosball table or the darts board. Even the weird dog-sculpture-thingy has been salvaged and appears oddly at home.

Weirdly, I was actually hit on once by someone who tried to get me going to go to his by describing how he had” really nice carpets “; at the time, I thought he was an absolute joke, but having seen this apartment I’ve gotta admit that while I probably wouldn’t live here, I’d probably would be impressed if someone took me back to it.

Let’s be honest, if any of these designs were to be brought to life in Monica’s apartment, it would probably make it even more expensive than the $5000 -a-month price tag. But for now, at least we can dream about what life would have looked like if the adulthood we were promised by Tv sitcoms had ever materialized.

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