This Instagram Account Gets Brutally Honestly About Why People Ended Their Relationships

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Every relationship is different — the route they begin, play out, and end varies depending on the people. But while some people prefer to focus on the satisfy cutes and honeymoon stage, there’s something incredibly interesting to me about the endings. What can make two people who were in love decide they’re actually not?

Well, this Instagram account might give us a little insight. reasonswerenotdating is an account that exclusively lists the reasons people broke up with their significant others, and some are nothing that you’d expect.

Whether the reasons are petty, funny, or sad, it does show how we all approach relationships in “peoples lives” — and what sorts of things end up being absolute deal breakers to some people.

This was Cameron. Let’s call him Cam. Cam and I fulfilled on holiday, he was the manager of the resort we were staying at. I aimed up making out with him at the club in the early hours. We were both quite drunk and he extended an invitation back to his. When we got there I was shocked at how messy it was and the Monica inside me just wanted to clean the whole place up. To distract myself from this I thought we should just get on with things. Then he asked me if I bring lube. Like yeah, sorry let me just get that out of my suitcase .. when I’m on holiday and you’ve invited me back to yours. Soz Cam hun, you killed the mood. #lube #whatdoyouthinkagirltakesonholiday #travelsize #sozhun #dryasabone P.S. the sexiest thing about this encounter was when he told me he could lose his job for fraternising with a guest. #allthepower

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The Reasons We’re Not Dating household has grown and we’re now accepting collaborations. Our first collab is from our anonymous RWND babe: This was Eugene. Eugene seemed really great. It wasn’t perfect because it was kind of long distance, but he was nice enough that it didn’t seem insurmountable, plus he was super enthusiastic and convinced me to fly out and assure him. He picked me up from the airport and took me to dinner. Everything was going so promisingly. Then things took a sharp turn. He said he had a girlfriend and wanted me to go home. Thanks for nothing Eugene. #whydidntyoutellmebeforeiflewacrossthecountry #timewaster #igotofftheplane #thenigotbackontogohome #itsokhepaidmebackfortheflights #itsnotreallyTHATokthough #nameshavebeenchanged

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Well, you can’t say some aren’t relatable.

What are some of the reasons you broke up? And what do you think are bad reasons to? Let us know — you know, for science.

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