The Truth About Happiness: It’s All About The Chase

Think about the concept of happinesssomething we all strive to be every day. A idea that sometimes feels unattainable, yet we fantasize about when this emotion will fill our spirits and eat our bodies. We are waiting for that fleeting moment where we can only sit back, take a deep breath, and finally say the three terms we so desperately want to feel every moment of every day

But should be considered your self-growth. Guess about the periods of time that led you to be your most genuine ego. What state of mind were you in that caused you to become someone that you are proud of? The truth of the matter is, we dont improve and grow as human beings during the moments that we are happywe grow from the obstacles we face during the journey of life .

So what was I feeling when my blinders came off and I realise the kind of person I wanted to be? In that moment I experienced disturbing emotionsI experienced indignation, dread, loneliness, and rancour. I felt lost and became numb to certain people and certain things. That moment, those feelings, that daywell, it changed everything.

Happiness is wonderful, but it is a consolation zone. We are so focused on reaching this destination that we forget that it is the excursion that shapes us.

It is through your struggles and defeat that you mature the most.

When I think about my past, the happy moments all seem to be blurred togetherwhat I recollect distinctly are the hard times and tough dialogues that were necessary to find my inner peace. Those moments are so tough to go through, but now you look back and you dont recognize that person anymore, do you? That person is a stranger to you now, right?

In those moments, you developed qualities that changed who you were going to be for the rest of your life. You became better, smarter, resilient, and the kind of person you didnt know you could ever bewithout even realizing it, you became happier.

Do I want to be happy? Yes. Do I want the road to happiness to be easy? No.

As silly as it audios, happiness is not something that we are meant to feel constantlyits a reward .

I used to believe being happy all the time was the ultimate aim to a healthy life, but I realized that you are able to never be ashamed of the scars life has left you with along the way.

A scar entails the hurt is over and the meander is shut. It means that you subdued the ache, learned a lesson, grew stronger, and moved forward. Now I understandthose scars, those moments where you have reached rock bottom, those are the key to happiness. I finally comprehended why happiness is something people are constantly struggling to achieve some people arent willing to embrace their scars and continue on. Instead they wallow in self-pity and refuse to get back up.

At the end of the day, it is important to remember one thing; Happiness doesnt teach you to be happysadness, confusion, heart breaking, and loss does. So my advice; keep going.

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