The Pros And Cons Of Shower Sex

Does anyone like shower sex? I guess dudes likely do, and its a great notion in theory. Its all steamy( well, the proportions that arent ice-cold shower tile, or the components that arent your naked ego get no water) and wet and warm. It should work, right? But it doesnt!

I remember the first time I ever had sexuality in the shower. I was expending the weekend at my high school boyfriends house and we decided it was time for us to try it out. Wed already tried to have sex in his hot tub, which made me barf out in the snowfall, and in his pond, which gave us both unpleasant chlorine itchies down below. It wasnt anything close to successful, but we were 17 and we were hopeful.

Spoiler alert: The kissing was cool and sexy when it was all slippery, and theres something really fun about being naked in such a small, hot space with person you wanna bone, but the rest of it was a big, fat disappointment. As is most teenage sex, I guess. I still have nightmares about the hot tub situation.

In the years since then, Ive had sexuality in the shower a few times. Usually, I offer it up as a solution when Im horny as hell but bleeding profusely from my vagina. I know that most dudes dont care about period sex and that you can just set a towel down, but I do care about my expensive comforter and fancy white sheets! I live in a house with crappy communal laundry, OK?

What dudes dont realize about having sex in the water is that it does the opposite of what they think its gonna do. It dries out all that lovely natural lubrication, inducing shower sex really uncomfortable and occasionally painful for chicks whose pussies arent able to produce a whole lot of au naturale lube anyway.( Thanks a lot, birth control pills .) And dont you even think of get soap down there to make it more slippery, sir. Do you even know what a pH balance is ?!?!

The best day I had sex in the shower was when I didnt have sex in the shower. I popped over to visit my fuckboy of the week when he was scrubbing off his yoga teacher perspiration and stripped down to a little black lace teddy from Fredericks with a pleasingly low neckline and flattering silhouette. And I wore it into the shower, where dude popped a gigantic boner before feeling me up and eventually ripping the damn thing in half.( Well, it was only $15.) Getting all hot and wet in the shower is fab foreplay, but it should stop before actual penetration. Watch me soap up my tits with fancy scented body cleans in various categories of fragrances( your selection !), then slather me in lotion and then carry my wet self to your bed, where Im more than happy to receive a good dicking. Or, you know, merely prop me on the sink. That works too.

The folks at KY realized this and released a shower sex-friendly lube, which is a truly incredible testament to the power of technology. I havent had the opportunity to exam it out yet as my apartment buildings hot water heater seems to be as moody as I am when Im PMSing, but I have high hopes. I wanna slick my pussy up and get it on in the shower just like the rest of you, OK?

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