The Man You Didnt See While You Were Looking for Your “Perfect Husband”

In five years it won’t matter if he was cute.

It won’t matter if he was well-dressed, if he said all the right words, if he was funny or trendy or cool.

The images won’t matter. The “likes, ” the status, the #relationshipgoals achieved- they’ll just be ripples on the surface of a newfound depth.

There is so much relationship advice out there and I’m merely one voice among millions, but if I could tell you one thing, dear girl, it’s this 😛 TAGEND


Anybody can tell you you’re fairly in yoga pants and a messy bun. You need the rarer kind; the kind who sticks through the messy of your spirit .

He’s often overlooked, this human. You won’t find a microphone in his hand or a stage beneath his foot. He may not result the Bible study or share profound insights into the Word. Instead, his hands do the run unnoticed, and he stands softly in the background. He leads by serve. But he lives profoundly.

If you move too fast you might miss him. If you’re captivated by the spotlight you won’t insure him in the darkness. If you’re looking for a “type” you might never notice he is there.

But he is.

We’re trained to look for the movers and shakers, the leaders and the loud. We think

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