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Planning sucks, and bachelorette parties are a ton of work. So we’re taking all the guesswork out of planning a bachelorette party by breaking down top bachelorette destinations. Our guides will tell you where to stay, feed, party, how to get about, and give you a sample itinerary that you can follow. You’re welcome .

Philly is one of those places that if you’re bach’ing there, you’re probably from there. Or somewhere in Pennsylvania. Or like, a neighboring state. I don’t care how much you love cheesesteaks and Wawa, you’re probably not trekking to Illy if you live on the west coast. Unless you’re that kind of ride or die betch for the bride. But if you happen to reside in between the South and Eastern coast, it’s actually a altogether decent alternative for a bachelorette. For starters, it’s cheap. It’s easy to get to. It’s historic af–it’s the birthplace of the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence, ever heard of it ?– and there are loadings of restaurants, hotels, bars, and activities that cater to tipsy girls looking to have a good time. So, if you are your crew are the opposite of high-maintenance, Philly might be the ideal last fling before the ring. Here’s where to eat, drink, sleep, and party, when you’re in The City of Brotherly Love Sisterly Affection.

How To Get There

Given that Philly is a major metropolis( and the 2nd largest city on the East Coast ), there are plenty of ways to get there. Which is great, when you want to spend less hour on a plane and more period rending shoots. You* could* drive if you have a car and don’t mind being hungover as hell on the trip-up home. Or, you could go the smarter route, pack a cooler full of road sodas and train it to 3oth Street Station. Amtrak is hassle-free, offer free WiFi, snacks( and more drinks) in the bar car, and is definitely higher on the listing of civilized transportation options to these proportions. There’s also the wallet-friendly bus( Greyhound, Megabus, or Boltbus ), NJtransit, and this passenger rail called SEPTA, but we would strongly advise not stepping foot on that if you want to maintain an ounce of dignity. Should you need to fly, all the legit airlines serve the Philadelphia International Airport and then it’s around a $30 cab ride to Center City. From NYC to Philly, you’re looking at an hour and a half on Amtrak( or an hour on an Acela train ), five hours from Boston, and two hours from Washington, D.C.

How To Get Around

Uber and Lyft are your friends in Philly. That, and your feet–as long as your heels aren’t too high and you’re not attempting to stumble back to your hotel room schwasted. During the day this stroll city is easy to navigate, and if you plan your itinerary right, you can stick around the main hoods like Old City, Rittenhouse Square, Center City, Midtown Village, and Society Hill, without having to traipse all over and lose your buzz.

Where To Stay

The Logan Philadelphia : With thousands of Airbnbs in Philly and hundreds of hotels( from budget to luxe ), receiving somewhere to sleep is no problem. Our fave for bachelorette shenanigans is The Logan. It’s huge( and used to be the Four Seasons ), but it’s also reasonably priced, offers group rates and packages, has a bougie spa, multiple bars, a trendy farm-to-table restaurant, and one of the best rooftop sofas in the city. Oh and the suites are crazy spacious, so you can pack your squad into the same one-quarters without an issue.

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With 391 recently renovated rooms and suites starting at $142 a night, you can a) divvy that up into a pretty cheap per person amount and b) stay an extra night with the money you’re saving. Helloooo , thirsty Thursday! Or Sunday Funday, at 50% off Sunday nights with their 3-Day Weekend Package. The 2,500 -square-feet Presidential Suite also has a grand piano, dining region for six, and a private balcony overlooking the Benjamin Franklin Parkway’s Swann Fountain. Onsite restaurant Urban Farmer is bomb for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

No girls trip would be complete without a little pampering action of course, so get your hungover ass downstairs to The Underground Spa for manis, pedis, CBD massages, Hydrafacials, and yoga classes in the courtyard–if you’re that sober ambitious. Did we mention there’s a saltwater pond for swimsuit coordinated bride tribe photoshoots, and they allow pets? Ya know, in case your four-legged BFF wants to tag along.

Where To Eat

Philly is one of those cities where you’ll never go hungry, and that’s a big positive when you’re three sheets to the wind from day drinking. No was important that borough you’re in, there’s a plethora of quality dining alternatives to partake in.

Double Knot : Chef Michael Schulson basically operates Philly with not one, but NINE insanely good restaurants. No doubt you’ll hit a few of his restaurants throughout the weekend, like Italian gem Osteria on North Broad and Harp& Crown, with vintage vibes and global cuisine in Center City. Then there’s Sampan and Mission Taqueria, but do not sleep on Double Knot. This underground izakaya takes their sushi, robatayaki, and craft libations so seriously, you’ll consider blowing off the after-party and holding tribunal at your table all night instead. No decision if you do, but you will be judged( HARD) if you don’t order the Double Knot roll, crab udon, edamame dumplings with sake and truffle, and skewered meat galore.

Parc : You don’t come to Philly and not hit Parc. It’s an institution for brunch and where the party should kick off come Saturday morning, when you need mimosas STAT. The quintessential French bistro by restauranteur Stephen Starr, who has a casual 18 places in Philly, is huge, so if you’ve got a huge party you’re in luck. There’s the most over-the-top French onion soup you’ll patently break whatever BS diet you’re on for, towering plateau of fruits de mer, and plenty of cooked goods filling the tres chic space with the intoxicating perfume of butter. If you can’t swinging Paris for the bachelorette, you could technically take a pic here and no one would know the difference.

Talula’s Garden : This Philly mainstay on Washington Square Park is straight-up dreamy. It’s one big botanical garden with potted plants and living green walls everywhere, so when you want to get that social content whilst devouring farm fresh deviled eggs, French toast bites with pear-vanilla butter, and artisan cheese boards, this is where to come. Since they only do brunch on Sunday, save the best for last. Or, swing by for dinner on Friday or Saturday because that’s also GNO GOALS.

Suraya : Middle Eastern hot spot Suraya in Fishtown used to be a chill breakfast and lunch haunt, but now that they’ve upped their game to include next-level dinner and feature a market, gorg garden, and happy hour, it definitely deserves a lil love on this list. Lebanese menu highlightings include the usual suspects( hot and cold mezzes, kebabs, sumac fries, and whole grilled fish ), but the real draw is their Arak-based cocktails, which is an anise-flavored aperitif called “The Milk of Lions.” The bride-to-be definitely needs a few of those.

Vedge : Even if your sister circle isn’t vegan, or vegetarian–or y’all are a bunch of hardcore carnivores–you’re going to be into Vedge, where it’s cool to get dirty. As in, ordering off the “Dirt List”, their menu of single veggies that will blow your intellect, like zucchini with pesto trapanese and shaved almond, or a smoked potato crepe with buckwheat, turnip bechamel, and horseradish. TRUST us on this one, Vedge is where it’s at, and the best part is you can order everything on the menu, because you won’t feel like a gluttonous cow when you’re just eating veggies.

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