Taco Bell employee fired for ‘derogatory slur’ published on receipt

A Taco Bell cashier has been fired after printing a racial slur on a customer’s receipt.

In Young Lee, a first-year Ph.D. student at Penn Medicine in Pennsylvania, visited a Taco Bell in Philadelphia at around 1:40 am, after a night out with some friends.

According to Lee, he ordered his food and gave the cashier a fake name of “Steve” to save day since trying to explain the spelling of his name is “inconvenient for both the cashier and me, ” he told CBS Philly.

The interaction was normal, until Lee says he received his receipt and was raged at what was printed.

“Our interaction was very ordinary and cordial even until I find my name on the receipt that read’ STEVE CHINK, ‘” Lee wrote on Facebook.


Lee said he tackled the cashier who allegedly wrote the slur, but was not happy with the response.

“I was so infuriated that I couldn’t help but to confront the cashier. When I tackled him, he said that there are three Steve’s in the restaurants sector so he needed to differentiate. It attained me even more upset that he was protecting his instance rather than apologizing so I lashed out and told him that it is extremely disrespectful to employ such a derogatory slur.”

Eventually Lee said he received an apology from the cashier and decided to drop it. Until he overheard a conversation between the fast food workers making fun of him and using the word “chink” again.

“He utilized the word chink again and the issue is joking about it, ” Lee told CBS Philly.

Lee said in his post after hearing the Taco Bell employees continue to make fun of him he “snapped and stormed to the counter” where he starting hollering and snatched his food from a worker.

The manager approached Lee to apologize for the utilization of the slur, but then told Lee he was “being disrespectful” by snatching the food from the employee.

Lee said the employee continued to use the racial slur, prompting him to answer by hollering at the worker and snatching his food. Lee said the manager then called Lee “disrespectful” for the exchange. ( iStock)

“The manager tried to pacify me down, he said I was being disrespectful by snatching my food. I was dumbfounded, ” Lee says.

“It was as if he was trying to defuse the situation by redirecting the blame on to me, ” he added.

Since posting his encounter on Facebook, the fast food chain has removed government employees and released a statement regarding the incident.


“We do not tolerate this behavior. This employee no longer works for the brand, and the franchise is retraining its staff to ensure this incident will not happen again. Management has reached out and apologized immediately to the customer, ” said Taco Bell on Tuesday, CBS Philly reported.

Lee hopes his experience makes people think about how their words affect other people.

“I want people to be more aware of what they are thinking, what their behaviors are like, ” Lee said to CBS Philly.

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