Spider-Man Is Back … But Why All Dressed in Black?

It’s perhaps no weirder than anything else in comic book that Peter Parker–a working-class teenager from Queens who is also Spider-Man–must have a closet the size of the one at Vogue.( It’s big. So I hear .) Because over his six-decade career in comics, television, and movies, this guy has had a lot of costumes.

His new movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home, showcases at least four: a baseline blue-and-red, a black superspy attire, the metal robot-arm-equipped armor he wore in Avengers: Endgame, and a nifty new red-and-black suit. Now, sure, that Beyonce-like number of outfit changes could just be a play to sell more dolls( “action figures, ” pfft ). But it also embeds this third cinematic Spider-Man even more deep in a long comic-book tradition. Costume changes illustrate character development. And the color of those costumes tells you something about who these characters are at any given moment–especially if those colorings, like they do in most of Far From Home, include black.

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