Skipping Breakfast Doesn’t Make You Fat( Probably)

You’re taught as a child that breakfast stands apart from lunch and dinner as the miracle snack that will improve your day a hundredfold. And when adulthood makes, it’s hammered into your brain that breakfast “jump-starts” your metabolism and helps you lose weight. Why? Because it’s breakfast, and breakfast is edible magic.

General Mills See?

Sadly, your parents and that talking tiger( and his friends Anxiety Leprechaun and Fudge Dracula) might’ve led you astray. Breakfast has none of the weight-loss sorcery that we presumed it did. A 2014 University of Alabama study found that the act of eating breakfast didn’t necessarily help overweight adults lose weight. And in another study from Columbia University, some participants who skipped a breakfast actually lost weight( at the expense of overall heightened cholesterol levels ).

So yes, feeing breakfast isn’t wholly without merit, as it can fuel your body with food groups( such as dairy and fruit) that might go dismissed throughout the rest of your day. But if you’re already skipping breakfast — and are receiving sufficient nutrition otherwise — it doesn’t look like you’re wreaking apocalyptic havoc on your health. Only don’t replace those dinners with marshmallowy cereals, OK?

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