Seth Moulton, who has struggled with post-traumatic stress, unveils mental health plan

Washington( CNN) Democratic presidential nominee Seth Moulton on Tuesday unveiled his plan to address mental health coverage, detailing a proposal that would increase mental health screenings for active-duty and military veterans and establish a new National Mental Health Crisis Hotline.

“There is still this stigma against mental health care, ” Moulton said in an interview in March. “Post-traumatic stress is very real. I have had post-traumatic stress and I have a lot of friends who have had it. And I have lost two Marines in my platoon since we have been back.”

He continued: “Post traumatic stress is a great example of a mental issue that is curable. I know a lot of veterinarians who have gotten through post-traumatic stress, including myself. So we can fix this, but we need to be investing in it and we are not.”

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