Nick Gordon ‘Was In A Good State Of Mind’ Hours Before His Death; 911 Call Released As Well – Perez Hilton

Nick Gordon ‘ s family, friends, and loved ones are reeling after his New Year’s Day death.

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Gordon’s lawyer Joe Habachy first corroborated the demise with E! News , sharing with the outlet a heartbreaking tale of drug addiction in a new statement( below ):

” While I cannot speak to the specific circumstances of his death, I can say that it’s been truly heartbreaking to have witnessed firsthand the total devastation that drug addiction has wreaked upon a group of young friends, all of whom were loved and had immense potential. Despite all of the incredible challenges Nick faced over the last few years, I can candidly say that he worked hard to hold his head up and stay sober and that he genuinely wanted a happy, healthy life with his family more than anything else. My heart goes out to the family and friends Nick leaves behind and to any other households dealing with the losses and heartache caused by medications .”

So, so sad.

Gordon’s father, Jack Walker Jr ., also commented about his son’s untimely death. He speaking on Daily Mail about a dialogue the pair had just hours before the 30 -year-old’s apparent overdose, on New Year’s Eve ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

” I spoke with Nick during the day. He seemed happy, he seemed pacify, everything was going good. He was a free spirit, he was in a good state of mind. Everything that Nick was doing was great. He told me 2020 was going to be better than 2019. He had a great job .”

Wow. Particularly sad to hear he may have been turning his life around…

Gordon’s brother Junior Walker — who was the first one to publicly announce the death on Wednesday — posted more of his own condolences to Facebook , calling Nick his “best friend” and adding ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

” I love you so much big brother. S ** t wasn’t suppose to go like this I talked to 6 hours before all this started. I never in a million years supposed I’d be writing this for my ACE I was there through every step we all love you no matter what and we’ll all remain strong for you. New Years didn’t have to start like this and you merely told me you HAD to see me for New Year but I’m blessed I got to talk to you last night you will forever be my best friend nobody will ever take your place .”

Ugh. Painful stuff.

The 911 Call

According to a 911 call that came in during Gordon’s apparent overdose, the young man reportedly wasn’t breathing and had some kind of” black stuff” foaming out of his mouth in the moments before his passing.

TMZ obtained a copy of the Florida dispatch audio, in which the caller claimed a black liquid was coming out of Nick’s mouth. First responders tagged the call as a” cardiac respiratory” event and rushed Gordon to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

For now, though, the cause of death is still uncertain until the medical examiner conducts an autopsy. TMZ reports that will likely be done as early as Thursday; toxicology exam outcomes should then come back in the next few weeks.

It’s a sad, sad tale all around. Tough to see anyone die really young, and especially under circumstances related to addiction. R.I.P…

[ Image via Michael Carpenter/ WENN ]

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