Money Stress Actually Makes You Seem Older To Others, Study Finds

You’ve heard that money is the root of all evil, right? Now we can apply that adage to aging. A study only published in the Research on Aging publication found that people who worry about money actually appears older than those who don’t stress about their finances. And they seem a lot older as in 10 years older.

In the study, 200 people self-rated their levels of fiscal stress, and then photos were taking into consideration them in 1994 -1 995 and again in 2004 -2 005. A panel was then asked to guess the ages of the people in the pictures. Across the board, reviewers found that the people who said they were under heavy financial stress had aged more.

As a side note: The examine subjects who said they were under financial stress replied that they didn’t ensure themselves as looking older .

“What did astonish us was that financial stress was pertained only to how old you seemed to others, ” says Margie Lachman, a professor of psychology at Brandeis and one of the study’s authors, in a release. “It was not related to how old one feels or how old one thinks they looking. So it showed up to others in one’s appearance, but not in terms of one’s own subjective opinions or perceptions of their age.”

So does fret and stress truly age you? While we know that stress can be a killerand that money is one of those big-time stressors, Lachman theorized that stressed-out people may merely be less likely to spend as much day on their appearance or healthy lifestyle choices. “Cosmetics or engaging in healthy practises for diet, exercise and sleep can affect how old one seems, ” she said.

That said, stress has also been shown to accelerate aging on the cellular level, so it’s not just about a few more worry lines indicating up. Chronic stress has been found to contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, even simply anticipatory fretting comes with a downside. UC San Francisco researchersfound that the mere anticipation of stress can increase an individual’s risk of age-related disorders.

So how about we all just take a “Don’t fret; be happy” moment today?

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