Meet 11 new startups launching out of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

Today, 11 new companies launch out of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator is available in NYC. This is the 14 th cohort of startups to launch out of ERA, and each company has received $ 100,000 in seed funding from the accelerator.

These startups span a variety of industries, from hospitality to new retail to healthcare. So without any further ado, here are the 11 companies launching out of ERA 😛 TAGEND


Butler wants to handle room service and amenities for hotels, build partnerships with hotels to provide room service, catering and other food-based amenities from Butler’s various hubs across the city. Using SMS as a means of communication with guests, Butler can serve a larger number of hotels. Right now, Butler serves 5,000 rooms in Manhattan.


Leveraging machine learning algorithms that scour social media, Choosy rapidly whips up fashion designs, sends them to China for manufacturing and offers flash-fashion items via Instagram. As brands like H& M and Top Shop continue to speed up their operations and offerings, Choosy looks to use tech to keep up the pace.

Flume Health

Flume Health works with self-insured employers and healthcare providers to ensure that employees are best utilizing their healthcare benefits. The company says that 78 percent of employees don’t understand how their benefits program works, expensing companies up to 26 percent more for healthcare. Flume Health employs concierges to connect employees with the best healthcare at the lowest price based on their benefits plan, reducing healthcare costs by 20 percentage to 60 percent.


HealNow wants to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals, pharmacies and patients, offering an ordering and pays platform for pharmacies. Patients can pay, schedule deliveries and enter medical information online to receive their prescription or equipment, while doctors and hospitals can offer on-demand delivery of the prescriptions they write.


Deodorant stops being optional around the age of 13, but many deodorants are made with potentially harmful chemicals and toxins. Myro offers an all-natural formula in a refillable container, letting users feel better about what they’re put on their body as well as reducing plastic waste. Plus, they reek good. Myro launches later this summer.


Orcadex is a business intelligence platform focused on the blockchain and cryptocurrency horizontals, collecting data via machine learning and natural language processing to offer analysis and insights to customers. The platform helps professionals make models and identify tendencies as the blockchain space continues to rapidly evolve. Orcadex launches to a closed group of institutional investors in June.

Spin Analytics

Spin Analytics is a fintech company focused on offering credit hazard modeling for financial institutions. The company works with banks to offer actionable insights for session regulatory compliance and reporting requirements, reducing the time and cost of maintaining compliance.


Spryfit is where HQ gratifies the gym. Users connect their fitness trackers and try to achieve their fitness aims with the hopes of winning a cash prize. The notion is to use underutilized health data from wearables and smartphones to motivate users to get are suitable for the cash prize. The company currently has 50,000 users.


Hourly workers like waiters tend to churn in and out of positions often. StellarEmploy uses deep learning algorithms to match employee performance to job fundamentals, letting companies recruit hourly workers that will enjoy the job, do a great job, and stay put. Some of StellarEmploy’s customers include Home Chef and IBEX Global.


Big companies understand that healthy employees are both more effective and more cost efficient, which is why many companies have implemented a wellness program for their workers. But Welnys wants to do the heavy lifting for those companies, offering a marketplace for workplace wellness vendors such as yoga and meditation teachers, nutritionists and more.

Young Alfred

Young Alfred wants to stimulate buying home insurance as simple as possible. The platform lets users identify their needs, while a machine learning algorithm identifies customer danger and makes custom recommendations for home insurance that fit the users needs. Young Alfred has relationships with Progressive and Hippo, and users can check-out online direct from the Young Alfred website.

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