Jessica Simpson’s 100 Pound Weight Loss Success Involved A ‘Nightly Email’ She Sent To Her Trainer! – Perez Hilton

After losing

He explained:

” We had a nightly email[ check-in ]. And so my clients, before they go to bed at night, send me an email and it says, Did you made your step goal? Yes or no? Did you hit your sleep objective? Yes or no? Did you hit your unplugged objective? Yes or no? Did you hit your food aim? Yes or no? To the extent that you check yes, it gives you this sense of accomplishment at the end of every day .”

Easy! Y’all don’t even need a personal trainer to send this to. You simply need someone you’re slightly afraid of; like a judgmental friend, sibling, in-law — or, hey, even yourself!

The fitness guru also suggests his clients wear a Fitbit to keep track of their steps, and the With You vocalist was no exception.( She favor the Fitbit Versa 2, FYI .)

He continued:

” Shortly after[ Jessica] dedicated birth, as soon as we got medical clearance to start walking. We had a daily step goal on her Fitbit. More of a limit if anything because we didn’t want to do too much .”

The trainer said the designer originally had a daily goal of 6,000 steps a day, which being equal to merely over about two miles. Eventually they increased the goals and targets” to 8,000 to 10, 000, eventually to 12,000 and sometimes she even did 14,000 steps a day .”

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As we reported, it wasn’t simply lots of steps that helped the 39 -year-old shed the pounds so quickly. Harley previously noted they focused on” five habits that she had to do daily” which really helped the star slim down, explaining:

” Number one, hit at least 12,000 steps on her Fitbit. The second is try and get at least seven hours of quality sleep at night , not just sum. The third was unplug from technology at least an hour a day. The fourth was follow the meal scheme, the Body Reset Diet principles and a low sugar diet. Then the fifth, every other day, a short, fun workout .”

Sounds manageable!

Harley, who is( amaze !) the brain behind the Body Reset Diet, said an example of a daily menu would be: scrambled eggs with a bowl of blackberries for breakfast, salad with grilled chicken for lunch, grilled fish and veggies for dinner, and snacks including a handful of almonds or green beans topped with Parmesan cheese.

Canned tuna works, too!

One more thing that gave Simpson an extra edge? She’s staying away from alcohol!

He added:

” She’s not drinking and losing all that weight. That’s for sure. She’s living a healthy, balanced life .”

And it’s paying off big time!

What’s the best diet advice you’ve gotten, Perezcious readers? Did it yield fruitful results? Share your health and wellness tips in the comments!

[ Image via Jessica Simpson/ Instagram ]

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