Instagram to restrict posts promoting diet culture and plastic surgery

Instagram is pushing back against posts that are contributing to toxic diet culture and plastic surgery with tighter restrictions.

As a part of its new policy, the social media platform announced that users under 18 restricts itself from considering posts that advertise weight loss products or cosmetic surgery. The platform will also outright banning any post that builds” a miraculous assert about certain diet or weight loss products .” The new rule will also apply to Facebook.

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Influencer culture has driven an increase in the promotion of diet products, including detox teas, diet pills and shakes, and “appetite-suppressing” lollipops, among others.

Those concerned with the impact toxic diet culture is having on young people are hailing Instagram’s new policy as a step in the right direction.

” A HUGE DAY! A MAJOR STEP IN THE FIGHT WITH THE DIRTY SIDE OF THE DIET/ DETOX INDUSTRY !!! Influencers best watch yourselves ,” actress and the founding fathers of I Weigh-a body positive platform-Jameela Jamil wrote on Twitter.

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