Inside The Sex-Crazed New York Nightclub Where “Anything Goes”

If you’re looking for New York’s hottest club, we’ve found it and it has everything! It’s called House of Yes and it sounds like a real-life version of a “Stefan” sketch from Saturday Night Live . It’s that insane!

The club has everything from poetry brothels to musicals about ketamine to spank stations to acrobats and stilt-walkers. As if things couldn’t get crazier, House of Yes celebrated its second birthday with a bonkers party themed “Thank You For Everything”. The place was packed and people mingled among glitter-clad drag queens, go-go dancers, sexy burlesque musicians, and an smorgasbord of creative costumes until the wee hours of the morning. In fact, every weekend House of Yes requires its patrons to dress up in “costumes and creative fashions”. If you forget, they have a costume boutique on-site for you to pick up “affordable ways, glitter makeup, and accessories so you can get fabulous and enter with no problem”. “The wildest, wackiest, craziest people on earth come to House of Yes, ” exposed Dave Doyle, who works at the club. “From amazing artistic producers, to circus acrobats, to drag queens, to strippers, to go-go dancers, to the world’s best musical artists — it really is a scene. We definitely consider some Aussies through the door now which is great, ” said Doyle, who is originally from Austrailia. While House of Yes may be New York’s hottest nightclub now, it came from very humble beginnings. It was first started in 2007 as an illegal artist collective and live/ run space in Queens by musicians Anya Sapozhnikova and Kae Burke, but it sadly burnt down in a toaster fire. House of Yes is definitely a club that needs to be seen to be believed! If you can’t get yourself to Brooklyn tonight, then give the video below a click. It’ll give you a little taste of the lunacy that is inside House of Yes.

It then reopened in East Williamsburg as a circus theatre and creative event space, but was forced to close due to rent hikes after simply five short years. House of Yes next opened as a steamy hot club in its current location in Bushwick, Brooklyn in 2016, but only after a successful Kickstarter campaign and teaming up with two well-known restauranteurs. “For the first year-and-a-half, I don’t think anyone that was working there full-time had a balance. It was run, work, work, ” explains Doyle. “I almost lost my girlfriend and a lot of friends out of it.” “The place grew so quick from week to week — we were continually chasing our tails, ” he continued. “The venue merely exploded. None of us ever imagined what it became.” However, the club still pays homage to its original artistic beginnings with its website’s opening message:

“We have created this space as a temple of expression dedicated to connection, imagination and celebrating life. We believe in the creative energy of every person who enters this space.”

“We believe that performance, dance, and art can inspire and heal us. We believe the world can be a better place. We believe that weird is wonderful. You are beautiful. You belong here. Welcome home.”

And true to its artistic roots, the venue offers a lot more than only club nights. Patrons can take part in immersive cinema, sound healing, deep home yoga, circus, dinner parties, and of course, weekend brunch. There are also more sexy and unusual options for fun as well, such as rooftop hot tub sessions, burlesque, pole-dancing rivalries, glitter pop-ups, onesie parties, and spanking stations. So what are you waiting for? Pass the glitter!

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