Hillary Clinton: Trump hinting at assassination is a ‘casual inciting of violence’

GOP nominee said second amendment people could stop Clinton, and she said the comments prove Trump doesnt have temperament to be president

Hillary Clinton denounced Donald Trumps suggestion that gun owneds could stop her from appointing liberal supreme court justices, pointing to it as the latest evidence of behaviour by him unbefitting of a presidential candidate.

At a rally in Iowa on Wednesday, Clinton said the remark, which she called a casual inciting of violence, offered further proof that Trump does not have the temperament to be president.

Words matter, my friends, Clinton said, drawing cheers from the crowd. And if you are running to be president or if you are president of the United States, terms can have tremendous consequences.

After a volatile week on the campaign trail, the Republican nominee hurled himself once again into the center of disagreement, and the backlash has been swift and fierce from Democrats, gun control proponents, members of the media and even some Republicans.

The statements came during a rally in North Carolina on Tuesday, as Trump told a crowd that if Clinton is elected she would have the power to appoint liberal supreme court justices.

If she gets to pick her magistrates , nothing you can do, folks, Trump said. Although the second amendment people, maybe there is, I dont know. But Ill tell you what, that will be a horrible day.

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