Here’s Which Zodiac Sign Makes The Best Travel Buddy, According To Expedia& The AstroTwins

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Which Zodiac Sign Makes The Best Travel Buddy? Expedia& AstroTwins Have Some Answers

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I don’t know about you, but my travel plans are in full swing right now. Although spring merely started, I’m already thinking about the sweet, sweet summertime. I’m hoping to fill up my travelling schedule with beach trips and outdoor escapades. The first step in the planning process, for me anyway, is finding a friend who is down to go. I’ve traveled with most of my best pals before and each experience is little bit different. It got me wondering, “Which zodiac sign builds the best travel buddy? ” Thanks to some new research from Expedia and The AstroTwins, I’ve detected the answer to my question.

In case you’re not familiar, The AstroTwins, Tali& Ophira Edut, are identical twin sisters who have authored several astrology volumes. The pair partnered up with Expedia to share their zodiac wisdom to help you decide which friend to travel with on your next vacation. Before you maintain reading, make sure you know what your zodiac sign is. There are a total of 12 signs and you can use your birth date to help determine which sign you belong to.( I’m a Pisces .)

For the most part, astrology is all about compatibility. From romantic relationships to relationships, it can be used as a style to help guide you to find people who best match your personality. Now that you know what your zodiac sign is, check out these tips-off from The AstroTwins, in collaboration with, to help you plan a blissful getaway with the right person.


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The best travel companions for Aries are Pisces, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. The AstroTwins fondly refer to this sign as the “restless Ram, ” because Aries are known for their adventurous spirit. They like to be in charge of the itinerary and often load it up with tons of activities like an early morning boat trip following by a visit to a pop-up market with handcrafted goods.

Pisceans are usually pretty easy going, constructing them an ideal companion to abide by an Aries’ strict travel plans. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ve get Sagittarians and Aquarians. Both of these zodiac signs are fairly independent and won’t mind do their own thing for while and meeting up with Aries later on.

Where to go? Try a trip-up to Los Cabos, Mexico. There are plenty of resorts and beachside activities to keep Aries busy.


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Taureans love the finer things in life. This sign craves a luxury experience and is always on the prowl for the right deal. To accompany them on their trip-up, a Taurus is best matched with a Leo, Capricorn, or Cancer sign.

Taureans are planners, too. That’s why Leos love to travel with them. All three signs enjoy a five-star getaway, and a Taurus knows how to pull out all the stops for an opulent adventure.

Where to go? Since a Taurus enjoys a lavish vacation, take a trip to Italy. Taureans will enjoy sipping on fine wine and taking in everything the Italian culture has to offer.


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Geminis love to fly by the seat of their pants, and typically don’t enjoy being locked into a rigorous itinerary. The sign enjoys the journey as much as they do the actually destination itself.

This is why the best travel companions for a Gemini are a Leo or Libra. Leos are fun-loving by nature and will enjoy engaging in games and other shenanigans, while Libras are a solid match for Gemini’s happy-go-lucky style of communicating.

Where to go? Geminis will enjoying renting a camper and driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to check out California’s Big Sur area.


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Travelers who fall under the Cancer zodiac sign have a few options when it comes to the best travel buddy. Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio, and Pisces all construction great travel companions for the Cancer sign. The Cancer traveler likes to explore but also enjoys the conveniences of home. It should come as no surprise that food and beverage are at the center of travel for the Cancer sign.

A Sagittarius may seem like an unlikely match for Cancer, but the two signs will likely connect over a delicious snack. Like Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are considered water signs. So, make sure to add a few activities off land to the itinerary.

Aries are fairly independent, which can also stimulate them ideal travel companions for cancer. They are wholly cool with running off on their own for a bit and session back up with Cancer slater in the day.

Where to go? Try a trip-up to Barcelona, Spain. The region is home to some of the world’s best restaurants and there are plenty of beaches.


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Leo’s travel best with the following signs: Taurus, Aquarius, or Scorpio. The flame sign enjoys a well-planned trip that’s full of dining, drinking, and dancing on the tables. Leo travelers enjoy imagination activities like in-room massages and sipping champagne on the rooftop. All three signs like to travel in a similar manner, which is why each one makes an ideal travel companion for Leo.

Where to go? Check out a major international city like Tokyo, Japan.


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Virgos should look to their Scorpio, Gemini, or Aquarius friends to tag along on their next journey. Virgos enjoy have a list of top spots to hit up, but don’t inevitably want to be bogged down by a schedule. This sign enjoys Instagramming their latest travelings by the pool to help decompress at the end of each day. Intuitive signs like Scorpio, Gemini, or Aquarius enjoy a little rest and relaxation, too.

Where to go? The experts recommend a journey to Turkey. Virgos tend to have eclectic savour and will enjoy exploring the country’s colorful markets.


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Libras love to go on adventures, and that’s why this sign travels best with a Gemini, Aquarius, or Leo. All three signs are notorious social butterflies, which can help match a Libra’s boundless energy and desire for nonstop fun.

Where to go? New York, New York is the perfect place for Libras to play. The city that never sleeps is the perfect match for Libra’s intrepid personality.


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Scorpios typically prefer to travel in small groups with their closest friends. That’s why sentimental signs like Cancer and Taurus make the best best travel companions for a Scorpio. All three signs enjoy planned activities, including a little leisurely bonding time like hanging by the pool.

Where to go? For this sign, take an intimate trip to Iceland to see the northern lights.


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Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces travelers are the best match to travel alongside a Sagittarius. Sagittarians love to discover a destination on their own without being locked into a situate itinerary. Flexibility and patience are the two biggest attributes needed to travel with a Sagittarius, and all three recommended signs are a perfect match. Geminis and Virgos will enjoy chatting it up with the locals right alongside Sagittarians. While Pisceans will love shopping, feeing, and drinking in a new place with Sagittarians.

Where to go? Hong Kong offers plenty of sights to see for a restless explorer like Sagittarius.


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Capricorns like to vacation with a scheme. This sign can usually be found at a special museum exhibition or taking part in some sort of exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Given their love for history and adventurous spirit, Cancer, Libra, and Aries construct the best travel buddies for a Capricorn.

Where to go? Check out Montreal’s bustling festival scene. The city hosts an annual jazz festival in the summertime. Capricorns probably already have a hook up.


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For the Aquarius sign, vacations are all about stimulating new friends and going on escapades. Given their spunky spirit, Sagittarius, Gemini, or Leo signs build the best travel companion for Aquarius. Geminis and Aquarians will enjoy building new friends on vacation, while Leos will be able to keep up with an Aquarians’ vibrant energy. Sagittarius signs are pretty adaptable and like to explore, stimulating them the perfect travel buddy for an Aquarius.

Where to go? Head to Scandinavia for a journey to Sweden.


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Pisceans enjoy a vacation that allows them to truly escape from the outside world. The water sign likes to participate in relaxing activities like taking an early walk on the beach and practicing yoga. However, Pisces comes to life after sundown. For these reasons, Libra, Scorpio, or Virgo build the best travel buddies.

Libras are an ideal vacation partner for Pisceans because the two love to be decadent together. Scorpios are also a good choice for Pisceans, especially after the sunshine goes down. The two signs will have fun enjoying a late dinner and dancing the night away. Virgos are more in tune with Pisceans’ humanitarian side, and both signs may enjoy volunteer work together during their travelings.

Where to go? Take a trip-up to Costa Rica. The country offers a lush jungle scenery, volunteer opportunities, and beautiful beaches.

There you have it. These are the best people to travel with, based on your zodiac sign, are in accordance with The AstroTwins in collaboration with Now, you’ll be on your style to scheming your next getaway with your best buddies in no time.

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