Gordon Ramsay Leaves Fans Drooling After Revealing His Absolutely Ripped Body On Instagram

Gordon Ramsay is perhaps best known for his hot-headed antics in the kitchen. The celebrity cook can most often be seen yelling expletives and insults at contestants on one of his many reality cooking shows.

Remember when he held two slicings of bread up to a woman’s face and made her call herself an” idiot sandwich “? Or how about when he threatened to shove a pumpkin up a cook’s bum. Yeah, Ramsay’s a savage.

While Ramsay likes to be in control of his kitchen and what goes onto his plates, he’s also in control of his health. He recently posted a photo of himself on a beach wearing nothing but swim trunks and it turns out that he is absolutely rent!

Let’s enjoy 30 of Chef Ramsay’s most savage insults :

Most people is looking forward to the 51 -year-old father of four to be sporting a dad-bod by now, or to at least have a little tummy pooch considering all of the delicious food he has to taste on a regular basis. That’s certainly not the case here! In fact, Ramsay looks better than most young people half his age.

So what’s his secret to keeping in shape? It turns out that Gordon Ramsay is a big fan of triathlons and even completed an Ironman in 2015. In example you’re not familiar, a triathlon is a race blending swimming, cycling, and running.

Ramsay recently completed the AJ Bell Triathlon in London with two of his children, 20 -year-old Megan and 18 -year-old Jack. The trio took proportion to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation.

But what’s even more incredible is that Ramsay flew back to his native UK from his current home in Los Angeles for the race, claiming the athletic competition was a” great way to shake off jet lag .” I don’t know about you, but when I’m jet-lagged, I’m useless. There’s no way I’d be able to do an entire triathlon!

Ramsay’s rent beach photo was indeed from the swimming portion of the triathlon and he captioned the picture, which appeared on his Instagram account with the following 😛 TAGEND

” Iron Chef to Ironman for London Triathlon can’t wait! Great way to shake off jet lag …. good fortune and congrats to all athletes and a BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers& sponsors couldn’t do it without you !”

I’m sure no one expected Ramsay to be so athletic and well, jacked up, but the celebrity chef is no stranger to shocking his fans. Remember when he decided to go vegan? Perhaps some recent changes in diet should also be credited for his incredible physique.

In 2016, Ramsay announced that he was ” going to give this vegan thing a try ,” which came to the astonish of utterly everyone because he had previously publicly mocked vegans and vegetarians multiple times.

On his prove, The F Word , he had previously told Cheryl from pop girl group Daughters Aloud, “Didn’t you get the message? Vegetarians aren’t welcome here.” Ramsay has also publicly stated that his worst nightmare would be if his kids ever announced they wanted to be vegetarians.

He said he would “sit them on the fence and electrocute them” in reference to any of his four children decided to no longer eat meat. Ramsay’s comments actually managed to offend musician and famous long-time vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney, who offered to sit down with Ramsay and talk about the benefits of the dietary change.

” I’d be happier if everyone was vegetarian. The planet would be better off for it ,” McCartney, who hasn’t touched a piece of meat since 1975, told Sainsbury’s Magazine .

I’m guessing that talk never happened because, after animal rights group PETA attacked Ramsay for writing on Twitter that his only allergy was to vegans, Ramsay responded with a snarky reply that he was actually a member of PETA:” People Eating Tasty Animals”, as he set it.

However, it seems the meat-loving chef may have loosened his posture on veggie fans since his decision to try vegan food has inspired Ramsay to include vegan menu alternatives at some of his restaurants.

He posted his commentary alongside what appears to be a vegan pizza at his Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza restaurant in London. So does this mean Ramsay’s given up meat solely? No. It doesn’t look like it but at least it seems he’s opened himself up to a few meatless snacks once and a while.

Regardless of whether it’s spinach or beef that’s dedicating Ramsay his muscular and athletic body, whatever he’s doing to stay fit is working for him. Best of luck in the next triathlon!

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