Family Who Adopted Dying Puppy Gets A Big Surprise

There are certain harsh realities in the world the hell is easier not to think about. If we took day each day to dwell on all of the sick and deserted animals in our society, we’d have little time to get anything else done. Regrettably, these problems, as difficult as they are to think about, will never be solved if we continue to ignore them. Each year, virtually 7.6 million dogs and cats are placed in animal shelters – and that’s simply in the United States.

It’s no secret that these shelters can’t offer everything our furry friends need to live a happy and healthy life. This is especially troubling when you consider how conditions here in the United States are significantly better than some shelters around the world. The more details we hear, the more unsolvable this matter seems. You might ask yourself, “If millions are facing the threat of euthanization each year, how will adopting a single dog make a difference? “

Do you remember Loren Eiseley’s famous story about the young man who flung starfish back into the ocean so they wouldn’t succumb in the sun? A wise old man taunts him for supposing he was able to make a difference, but the young man points out that he’s making a difference for each starfish he saves. The family in this video learned a similar lesson when they rescued a litter of puppies from Turkey. The conditions they witnessed in the Turkish animal shelter were shocking, so they decided to adopt a litter of terminally ill puppies so that they could live out their final days in peace. When they returned home, however, they learned that one of the little pups wasn’t going to give up on life that easily …

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