Ever Wonder About All Those Ingredients In Halo Top? Yeah, Us Too

In 2017, low-calorie ice cream juggernaut Halo Top bested Haagen-Dazs and Ben& Jerry’s to become the number-one-selling ice cream in the U.S ., with more than $324.2 million in sales.

This year, we reached peak Halo when the company opened two scoop stores in LA where fans can get their Halo fix in soft serve sort as well as scoops swaddled in a bubbled waffle cone called a puffle.

The appeal of the Instagramable Halo Top and other low-calorie, low-fat ice creams including Breyers Delight, Chilly Cow, Enlightened, Three Twins’ offshoot Slim Twin, Swell and Sweet Habit is that they’re low in sugar, calories and fat, high in protein and fiber, and they’re all made with some sort of natural sweetener, like the plant-based stevia. Almost all of them contain erythritol, a sugar alcohol used to sweeten the ice cream. Swell contains xylitol, another type of sugar alcohol.

But … um, what are all those ingredients actually doing to us, apart from being low in calories?

Low-calorie ice creams contain considerably more ingredients than traditional ice creams.

“I would consider the fiber, calcium and protein content of these ice creams to be a positive, ” said Dr. Jessica D. Bihuniak, assistant professor of clinical nutrition at NYU Steinhardt Department of Nutrition and Food Studies and a registered dietician. “However, I am not sure these products will satisfy all individuals.”

If you look at the nutrition facts, you can see why. Regular ice cream packs much more fat and calories.

One serving of Halo Top vanilla bean — or half a cup — contains 😛 TAGEND

70 calories 2 grams of fat 6 grams of sugars( 5 grams of sugar alcohol) 3 grams of fiber 5 grams of protein 250 calories 16 grams of fat 20 grams of sugars( no sugar alcohol) no dietary fiber 4 grams of protein A farmer tends to stevia plants at a plantation in Lima, Paraguay. Top contains 2-3 grams of fiber per half-cup serving, or 8-12 percent of the recommendations of the daily intake. The Scoop on Healthier Ice Cream and Ice Cream Alternatives Halo Top Ice Cream Just Outsold Ben& Jerry’s and Haagen-Dazs That Ice Cream You’re Buying Might Not Be Ice Cream At All

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