Do you know what’s growing on your kitchen towel?

( CNN) Ever wonder how much bacteria are growing on your kitchen towel? A new study suggests that it may be a lot and that the amount increases with family size and frequency of meat consumption.

Researchers cultured bacteria from 100 kitchen towels after one month of use to determine both the type and amount of bacterial growth. They found that 49% of the towels exhibited growth of bacteria usually is available in or on the human body.

“In this study, we analyse the potential role of kitchen towels in cross-contamination in the kitchen and various factors affecting the microbial profile and load of kitchen towels, ” said Susheela D. Biranjia-Hurdoyal, senior lecturer of health sciences at the University of Mauritius and a leading author on the study presented Saturday at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology.

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