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We have induced it to week nine, and I can’t believe it’s taken more than two months for us to reach the high point of this season. No , not referring to a proposal, I’m referring to a fencing leap that we all could EASILY see if we watched any episode of COPS . The fact that we’ve been waiting this long to consider Colton jump over something that’s shorter than his stack of expired Trojans boggles my intellect. Let’s see if it lived up to the hype…

Monday’s episode kickings off with Chris Harrison and Colton sitting on the steps of the house from Forrest Gump , where Colton is requesting sleeping bags to be present in the inevitable and dreaded fantasy suites. After telling him” We can’t do that, but I’ll look into bunk beds, ” Chris settles Colton’s nerves and reassures him that it’s just like riding a bike. Yea, but this 20 -something-year-old’s bike requires training wheels.

As a last attempt to gain platinum status on United, Colton and the three remaining girls pack their containers and head to Portugal. Realise that this may be the country where he loses his virginity, Colton takes several selfies in order to compare’ Before’ and’ After’ appear. Spoiler alert: you look the same after having sex. But who’s going to have a shot at stealing his V-card first? Tayshia, you’re up to bat.

As Tayshia is walking through the street of Portugual looking for the nearest payphone to arrange a getaway car, she stumbles upon Colton, and realizes that she might as well go on this date. After seeing that Colton has an Enterprise Helicopter key, her mood perks up. For those keeping track at home, this is the third hour they’ve been in the air together. Bungee jumping, skydiving, and now a helicopter.( Air Colton> Ground Colton, apparently .) After is speaking to Portugal’s chief exports( don’t watch if you’re narcoleptic, as this date is sleep-inducing ), they land, and then head to a cliff to enjoy a barbecue with a opinion. Except they don’t. That barbecue basket is emptier than Chick-Fil-A on Sundays. Because making out on a cliff is too cliche, they head to a lighthouse, where kissing is not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Wardrobe change, aka, night date day! Tayshia and Colton chat over dinner about her previous matrimony, and how she divorced him because he refused to put the toilet seat down.( Statistics show that this is the cause of 80% of divorces .) Sticking with the week one storyline, Colton continues to talk about what could be about to happen in the next couple of hours, and how he’s open to it. The whole date, he continues to say: “I appreciate you.” Colton, Colton, Colton. This is where you say: “I love you.” You say: “I appreciate you” to someone who bails you out of jail, or to a friend who buys you a drinking because you left your credit card at the bar the night before.

Upon opening the fantasy suite card, we consider two things. 1. That Chris Harrison writes in Comic Sans and 2. This son is nervous! Tayshia takes Colton up on the invite to the suite, and Here. We. Go. In the background, they have the soundtrack to Aladdin playing, and you just know it’s about to be” A Whole New World.” Except it wasn’t. By all indications of how Tayshia woke up the next morning, that bed definitely had a pillow wall between the two. There are “after sex” cues that should be visible the next morning, and Tayshia had none of them. She seemed upset, hair was fresh from the beauty salon, and she was still wearing her belt from last night. According to my math, adding all those things up equates to no sexuality in the champagne room. If the deed was done, Tayshia would’ve woken up dehydrated, hair in ponytail, and stumbling around the apartment butt-ass naked go looking for pancake mixture. Verdict? Virginity still intact.

Realizing that Cassie has been twiddling her thumbs for 48 hours straight, Colton attains his way to pick her up in a Model-T Ford from the 1860 s. After spending some time walking around town, dancing with Portuguese mistresses, and trying to fight his route into the friendzone, Cassie and Colton sit to reflect about hometowns. He tells her, “I could really assure myself being a part of your family, ” and she responds with, “I like string cheese.” To be fair, who doesn’t? But Cassie, come on, wrong place, incorrect hour. Cassie has not been emotionally available for Colton this entire season, and like his NFL career, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Colton is genuinely laying it on thick, but he does tell Cassie that her father didn’t give him his bles. Cassie seems shocked, but I’ve find better acting from a puppy in a PetsMart commercial. Not buying it.

In typical father manner, Cassie’s dad shows up unannounced in the first ever Bachelor minivan to let her know “Just so you know, Colton is not invited to the cookout.” He lectures her about how you know when you love someone, and Cassie communicates that, like learning pre-calculus, she’ll get there eventually. The luggage-less parent returns to the airport to fly home because he left his hazards on at LAX, and they don’t play around at Arrivals.

After the impromptu visit from her daddy, Cassie has built the decision that since she’s paid LA rent for all these months, she’s going to go home and get her money’s worth. The night section of the date is filmed in a Portuguese open home, and this is where the episode starts to be somewhat interesting. Colton continues to tell her he loves her, and Cassie dodgings those bullets like 6 th grade dodgeball tournament.

Transcript of Colton& Cassie’s Date:
Colton : “I love you.”
Cassie : “Portugal is amazing.”
Colton : “I hope I’m with you in the end.”
Cassie : “Bacon is my favorite! ”
Colton : “I feel differently with you.”
Cassie : “Wool scarves makes me itch.”

Cassie tells him that she doesn’t believe she can get there, but she wanted to tell him in person, because this is her favorite dress and she thinks America will love it too. He then throws every Hail mary in the book, including “I think of you even when I’m with the other girls.” Cassie says “That’s cool and all, but can you fell me off at the airport? ” Discovering her own ride, Cassie leaves, and Colton heads back to his room…alone. Seeing that room service forgot to attain him a towel swan for the day, he screams “I’M DONE! ” and starts operating. Production, stray dogs, and even Chris Harrison in his Patagonia quarter-zip( in the midst of his cucumber facial) chase Colton as he storms off the property. The only thing avoiding him from leaving the property is this white fence, and Colton shows that, unlike the movie, white men CAN jump, and even gets a perfect score from the Russian judge on the landing. He sprints out into the Portuguese night , nowhere to be found. I mean, he has to return right? Not merely does he have the only key to Hannah G.’s room, but continental breakfast on the property aims at 11 am. Only hour will tell…or the spoilers.

The Women Tell All

Before we get to find out if Colton even wants to know what Hannah G. is like in the third fantasy suite, these women get their last chance to solidify Instagram deals say their peace. As an only infant, I’m not sure what growing up with siblings is like, but after seeing this, I’m DEFINITELY glad I didn’t grown up with a home full of sisters. With all these girls talking over each other, my Closed Captioning went into overdrive and knocked the power out of an entire Chicago city block.

Not gonna lie, when they introduced the cast, I was 100% sure that most of these people were paid actresses, since I don’t remember them AT all. They start off with Catherine, and she decides it’s too sunny in the studio, so she provides a few fellow cast members with some shade. I merely wish person would’ve commented on her pantsuit that would’ve stimulated Roseanne jealous.

Nicole and Onyeka revisit their “feud, ” and this is far from family-related. Onyeka demonstrates that she wasn’t a bully by breaking down the Oxford definition, and Nicole demonstrates that she’s a mime, because she doesn’t say sh* t. I actually feel bad for Nicole, because she’s trying to get a word in, but Onyeka’s mouth operates on diesel, so you know it’s not stopping soon.

The bomb that Katie fell on her way out( “You have some people remaining not here for marriage”) is addressed and she mentions names this time: Caelynn and Cassie. Caelynn is the only one there to defend herself, and she does say she was there for the right reason, and that was to get sponsored by Crate& Barrel, because she’s too old to sit on IKEA furniture she can’t pronounce. Other daughters pile on Katie’s side, and at the same time, are uninviting themselves to Caelynn’s C& B housewarming party in the process.

Demi vs. Courtney might be the best battle of the night. I wouldn’t call this World War 3, but more like, “Battle for the Last Pair of XS Lululemon Yoga Pants.” Demi comes out with several clapbacks, and Courtney sits there silent , not blinking, like she’s at an optometrist appointment. Courtney, can you read these letters on the chart: “U-R-Done.” After being called “bed bugs of the house, ” Courtney sets her tail between her legs and retreats.

Hannah B. and Caelynn get their time to say their peace as well. Hannah B. says she’s still looking for someone to love her fiercely, but more importantly, ABC lets her redo her disaster of a toast, which is already better because she used actual terms this time. Caelynn got to confront Colton about what really happened, and he pretty much told her he found out she still owed past due fees at Blockbuster, and he didn’t require anyone that irresponsible in their own lives in 2019.

Next week is the FINAL week, and then we get to return to life as normal. Wait, has someone let Hannah G. out of her room yet ?!

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