David Dobrick Disrespects Gay People! Nicki Minaj Pregnant? Madonna Flopping! 50 Cent Is Poor! AND … | Perez Hilton – Perez Hilton

50 Cent is SO DESPERATE!

Nicki Minaj drops out of her tour with Chris Brown AND may be pregnant with a baby with her violent boyfriend’s newborn. You know, the one whose served over 10 years in prison on awful nasty charges!

Madonna ‘s new intimate theater tour is struggling to sell tickets- and we know all the reasons why!

Britney Spears ‘ unhealthy preoccupation with her weight and the court of public opinion!

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry make peace- and cookies!

DJ Khaled ‘s ridiculous lawsuit against Billboard magazine!

Rihanna ‘s confessions!

NSYNC talking reunion and opportunities- without Justin Timberlake !

Wendy Williams runs Instagram official with her new man!

Tokyo Toni puts on a indicate for Instagram only! Amanda Bynes sued over unpaid bills!

David Dobrick mocks the LGBT community!

And more of today’s hottest headlines, including Jenelle Evans , Miley Cyrus , Drake , Jaclyn Hill , Kylie Jenner , Chrissy Teigen , Zedd , NXIVM cult and MORE! Watch ! LINKS BELOW!

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NICKI MINAJ fells out of Chris Brown tour :

https :// perezhilton.com/ nicki-minaj-chris-brown-tour-drop-out / BRITNEY SPEARS super body conscious :

https :// perezhilton.com/ britney-spears-peoples-opinions / 50 CENT vs baseball player who was shot :

https :// perezhilton.com/ 50 -cent-david-ortiz-trey-songz-affair / TAYLOR SWIFT sends Katy Perry cookies :

https :// perezhilton.com/ katy-perry-taylor-swift-peace-cookies / ZEDD flames back at Matthew Koma :

https :// perezhilton.com/ zedd-matthew-koma-responds /
RIHANNA talks marriage and kids :

https :// perezhilton.com/ rihanna-interview-magazine-sarah-paulson / MILEY CYRUS & Liam Hemsworth :

https :// perezhilton.com/ miley-cyrus-liam-hemsworth-anniversary-breakup-rumors /
NSYNC’s pow wow :

https :// perezhilton.com/ nsync-reunion-lance-bass-discussion / DRAKE and national anthem :

https :// perezhilton.com/ drake-nba-finals-toronto-raptors-o-canada / WENDY WILLIAMS and her new human are Instagram official :

https :// perezhilton.com/ wendy-williams-teases-mystery-man-instagram / AMANDA BYNES vs rehab clinic :

https :// perezhilton.com/ amanda-bynes-lawsuit-mental-health-facility / KYLIE JENNER and Jordyn Wood definitely on again :

https :// perezhilton.com/ kylie-jenner-jordyn-woods-talk-nightclub / NXIVM :

https :// perezhilton.com/ allison-mack-nxivm-sex-cult-diet-catherine-oxenberg-daughter-india / JENELLE EVANS 911 calls :

https :// perezhilton.com/ jenelle-evans-david-eason-9 11 -calls-children-custody-battle-video / CHRISSY TEIGEN clapsback :

https :// perezhilton.com/ chrissy-teigen-social-media-pregnant-speculation / TEEN MOM on life supporting :

https :// perezhilton.com/ tan-mom-life-support-pnuemonia /

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