Bus Interrupts Cameraman’s Once In A Lifetime Shot

Let us have a moment of silence for the poor Weather Channel cameraman whose soul was crushed by this bus. Imagine spending an hour setting up the perfect shot of a once in a lifetime event, merely to have a bus casually roll into frame, stay there for the duration of the action, and leave as soon as the dust has settled.

A series of f-bombs and aggravated grunts let loose by the cameraman probably only conveyed a fraction of his frustration. The bus almost perfectly obscures the entire frame, and merely during the precise moment the cameraman “ve been waiting”. It’s as if he pissed off some kind of magical fortuneteller, “whos had” cursed him with an infinity of inopportune busses.

That, or this bus is a reincarnated cat. The nonchalant style in which it intercepts the frame is the exact style cats behave around cameras. “Oh, you’re trying to take a video of your yoga routine? Well , now it’s a video of my butthole. Enjoy.” So … catbus from My Neighbor Totoro , is that you?

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