Artist banned from Twitch for drawing Alinity Divine’s dog sniffing her butt

Twitch star Alinity Divine, who came under disagreement last weekend when, has not been penalized by the platform for any kind of inappropriate content. But an artist who depicted the incident has been banned for seven days for reimagining it in a drawing.

Jon Grim, who is described as a professional oil painter and who has about 15,000 Twitch adherents, revealed that the platform had penalized him for a week for his Alinity-inspired artwork.

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” I get banned for depict @AlinityTwitch the devotee of dogs and thrower of cats a silly scene. I wholly deserve the ban and I’m even glad twitching took action, simply wish @Twitch held everyone to the same rules ,” he wrote on Twitter.

He continued,” Apparently, I get nailed for bully but ya know, calling a shitty person out on shitty behavior with a fairly goofy silly cartoon compared to the real thing is worth it if you ask me. if twitching won’t call them out then I guess we aren’t allowed to either .”

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Many in the community are outraged that Twitch didn’t have anything to say about Alinity’s stream–to be fair, many in the community are always outraged when Alinity doesn’t face punishment for any controversial moment, minor or otherwise, on her channel. That included Alinity during a stream in July and once spitting vodka in her pet’s mouth.

Grim said he knew the risk he was taking when he foresaw the incident.

He wrote,” The drawing was fun either way .”

The controversy began last weekend when Alinity attempted to complete a headstand while streaming to her nearly 1 million adherents. While basically in a downward puppy yoga pose, her pet, Luna, approached her from behind and set her snout between Alinity’s legs. At one point, when Alinity realized what was happening, she tried to push Luna away before she gave up the headstand attempt and began laughing at the absurd scenario.

” People are really mad about this ,” Alinity said in the aftermath.” People guess I should be banned for that. I think it’s so ridiculous. Y’all have gone way too far .”

She also said,” You all can report me or whatever for my doggie coming and sniffing my butt while I’m on my period. I didn’t even feel her, human. That pad was so big. It’s kind of ridiculous. I candidly can’t believe it. I didn’t think I could be surprised but I guess anything is possible with the internet and the things that will induce people mad .”

Alinity, though, has continued to talk and joke about the incident in the days since.

She posted a HuffPost article from 2018 about why” Dogs Sniff Your Crotch When You’re On Your Period” and wrote,” I stream 6 days a week and get 12 periods a year. That’s at least 48 broadcasted period days! So there are literally people combing through thousands of hours of streams .”

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