Apparently We Have No Idea What Rice Does To Our Bodies

If you type the phrase “is rice” into the Google search bar, it’ll fill in the rest of the question to indicate what the world is asking. In this case, the top two results are “is rice gluten-free? ” and “is rice a carb? ”

People merely have no idea what rice is made of, which is a little shocking considering the amount of rice we feed.

In the 2017/2018 agricultural calendar alone, global intake of rice topped 480, 000 metric tons, so it’s probably a good notion to understand what exactly rice is and what it does to our bodies.

Is rice a carb?

Yes, rice is very much a carbohydrate. To be more precise, it’s a complex carb. To break it down even further, brown rice is an unrefined complex carb, and white rice is a refined complex carb.

Though we usually look down upon the unrefined things in life, unrefined carbs are actually a good thing when it comes to our health. The unrefined complex carbs found in brown rice necessitate our bodies to do some work to digest them, which keeps us from having dramatic swings in our blood sugar and insulin levels. Because brown rice’s husk is intact, it contains tons of beneficial vitamins, nutrients and fiber( 1.8 grams per serving) that can help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

White rice, on the other hand, is a refined complex carb, because the high-fiber parts of the grain have been removed by machinery. This stimulates the carbs easy for our bodies to digest, leading to unwanted sugar accidents. Compared with the 1.8 grams of fiber found in brown rice, white rice only contains has 0.4 grams of fiber.

Which has more carbs, brown or white rice?

In general, white rice has a higher number of total carbohydrates than brown rice. We’ve broken down popular the different types of rice below by grams of total carbohydrates per serving, but it’s important to continue to maintain mind that nutritional info can vary by brand.

Arborio rice( risotto rice ): 45 g carbs White basmati rice: 41 g Brown basmati rice: 33 g Long-grain white rice: 75 g Long-grain brown rice: 35 g White jasmine rice: 45 g Brown jasmine rice: 22 g Wild rice: 35 g Japanese or sushi rice: 29 g White short-grain rice: 53 g Brown short-grain rice: 35 g Long grain rice, white, Golden Crown brand: 76( HIGH) Medium grain rice, white, Doubled Ram brand: 89( HIGH) Brown rice( general ): 66( INTERMEDIATE) Japonica, short-grain brown rice: 62( INTERMEDIATE) Japonica short-grain brown rice, pre-germinated: 54( LOW)

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