A Tiger Showing Off His Speed

Imagine your friend invites you over to meet their new cat. Over the phone, they tell you that he’s playful, adorable and has a big appetite. When you ultimately arrive at their house, however, you aren’t greeted by a Calico or a Burmese, but instead come face to face with a full grown tiger.

Weighing over 600 pounds and growing as tall as 11 feet, tigers are unbelievably powerful beings. Laws differ from state to country when it comes to keeping tigers and other exotic animals as pets. Tigers require a large amount of land, water and food, three things that many people interested in owning one cannot adequately offer. Michael Jamison, Enzo’s owner, appears to have created a nice space for his tiger to live in, with no deficit of fresh food to feed. Enzo’s strength and speed remind us that unless we have the means to provide tigers with everything they need to live a happy and healthy life, they’re likely best left in the wild.

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