8 Things To Maintain In Mind When You’re Trying To Let Go

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8 Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Trying To Let Go

There’s an infinite sum of elements that one may need to let go of whether you want to or not. People, memories, those one-size-too-small jeans that once fit like a luxurious glove.

Holding onto any of these things will often hold you back from progressing. The jeans may construct you feel insecure about your body every time you assure them, or a person may make you feel inadequate about something. But we hold onto them because they are a comfort to us. They are something we recognize and feel familiar to us. We own them as our own. But letting go is freedom. It is allowing yourself the space, and perhaps a few uncomfortable changes in order for you reach a better place in self.

Regardless of why you choose to let go and how much you want too, it’s rarely an easy transition. There are, however, a few things to remember as you let go.

1. Focus on yourself

This is about you and you have the right to build yourself the main focus at this time. Exercise, treat yourself, do what you love, eat well and allow yourself to be happy.

2. Look at what you have , not what you don’t

It’s hard to look at the simpler things like having a roof over your head, or shoes on your feet. But sometimes the recognition of the trees are green, or that the sunlight is shining on your walk to get some coffee helps you put your life into some perspective.

3. Do Something

It doesn’t have to mean picking up a new hobby- though if you choose too, that’s great! Anything you choose to fill your time with whether reading, watching cinemas or knitting, is a good way to express what you love.

4. Write

Writing down your stream of consciousness, your thoughts, impressions or hopes can be a great way to begin to visualize the person you’re trying to become; or the ways in which you want to change. Write down what you hope to let go of and burn or shred the paper afterward.

5. Learn to be present

Yoga, walking, breathing techniques, mindfulness or even a hot bath will help you focus in the present.

6. Believe in your identity

Know that in allow run, you won’t lose, but will, in fact, find who you are. Your identity is not tied to things you’re holding onto. Things within your life will change as you let go, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be yourself anymore in learn to feel more balanced and at peace.

7. Delete

Delete what reminds you of what you are letting go of. Take those jeans to the Charity shop, delete someone’s phone number or get rid of the photos you have together.

8. Express yourself

Cry if you need to cry. Run if you are interested in running. In the words of William W. Purkey 😛 TAGEND

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching ,
Love like you’ll never be hurt ,
Sing like there’s nobody listening ,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

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