7 Mistakes That Are Stimulating Your Chapped Lips Worse

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Chapped lips are the scourge of the winter.( Actually, it might be a tie between that and slushy sidewalks .) By mid-winter, were either biting off the dead skin( its weirdly fulfilling ), brushing away flakes, or giving up and accepting that were just going to have to save the matte liquid lipstick for March. Even if you do take the initiative and stock up on your favorite balm, you might find that its still not sufficient because its not. There are other, sneaky factors inducing your chapped lips worse, and you wont find the solution in a tube. We asked the experts to explain exactly why your lips are so dry and chapped and what you can do about it.

Using the Incorrect Formula

That lip-plumping salve isnt doing you any favors, since many of the formulas contain annoying ingredients( which is often how they plump your lips in the first place ). Cooling lip products that contain ingredients like menthol or camphor can cause skin inflammation and dryness, says Joshua Zeichner, M.D ., dermatologist and director of Cosmetic& Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. If youre genuinely suffering, Zeichner recommends going with fragrance- and flavor-free formulae, like Fresh Advanced Therapy Sugar Lip Treatment ($ 26 ). The more basic it is, the better off youll be.

Wearing Lipstick 24/7

If youre one of those people who cannot be seen without your signature red lipstick, we apologize in advance. Lip color is not exactly a priority in the winter months, since if you have chapped lips, this is necessary re-up on the balm when you are head outdoors. Wear it while you sleep and also apply before stepping outside, advises Joanna Vargas, a celebrity facialist in NYC. This protects the lips then, you can always apply a colouring once you arrive wherever youre going. Or go with a tinted lip balm, like Burts Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm ($ 6 for two ).

Lip color is not exactly a priority in the winter months, since if you have chapped lips, you need re-up on the salve whenever you head outdoors.

Doubling Down on Balm

As with sangria and snow, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. If your lips are under a constant layer of heavy lip balms, you could be doing more harm than good. Constant, chronic employ of occlusive lip balm may initially help your lips, but they may interfere with the ability for your lips to function properly, explains Zeichner. Basically, dryness sends a signal to your lips that they need to produce more moisture. If youre layering on balm 24/7, you could lose those cues and your lips wont render so much better oil as they should kicking off a cycle of chapped lips.

Too Much Scrubbing

If youve ever peeled dead skin off your lips, you probably know the value of a good lip scrubbing. But if youre utilizing it on a nightly basis, youre actually worsening the situation. Dont overdo the exfoliation, says Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D ., a dermatologist and founder of Capital Laser& Skin Care in Washington , D.C. Once a week is good, or you risk annoying your lips and building them even drier.

Blasting the Heat

On a sub-zero day, its perfectly understandable to if you want to nurse a warm drink and sit next to your heater. But heats a big delinquent when it is necessary to drying out everything, from your skin to your hair to, yes, your lips. Its even worse if you have a cold and are breathing out of your mouth( because congestion is real ). Together, the two can seriously dry out lips, says Zeichner. Your best bet if you have your heater on full blast is to use a humidifier, which releases moisture back into the air.

Licking Your Lips

This seems kind of obvious: If your lips feel dry and youre stuck without your go-to balm also known as the fourth circle of hell moistening your lips by licking them seems like it could be a decent fallback. Not so, as it happens. Licking your lips if theyre dry just induces the problem much worse, says Tanzi. Not merely does it lead to increased dryness, but it can actually lead to a type of eczema if you do it too. The only thing worse than chapped lips? Lips with eczema.

Your Favorite Thai Dish

If your lips are chapped, it means that the scalp barrier there is in rough shape literally and figuratively. According to Zeichner, spicy foods compromise the skin roadblock even further, which only constructs your chapped lips worse. Plus, spicy foods have a tendency to burn, and the last thing you want is to feel the burn when your mouth already hurts. Stick on the mild side until your lips have healed or winters coldest months have passed.

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