50 Important Things You Should Know In Order To Live A Good Life

1 . You can still love yourself even when you are a work in progress.

2. Your mental health is more important than your work meeting, your school assignment, your dinner schemes, or any other obligations. Take care of you first.

3 . There are no good and bad foods. What matters most is your relationship to food and your body. And ultimately, your relationship to yourself.

4. If he doesn’t put the effort in, he isn’t worth it. I know you’re about to say “but…” Pause there. There are no buts. If someone cares about you they will show you. And you deserve someone who cares.

5. Your appearance does not determine your worth.

6 . Life is not a competition. You shouldn’t be trying to beat other women. Instead, offer your hand and your supporting. Lift up those around you, and you will find that you will be lifted up too. 7 . Sometimes hard times come not to disrupt you, but instead to reroute you. If things change or don’t go as schemed, trust the new direction. Know that there is something greater out there for you and that it requires taking a different path than you anticipated.

8. Not all friendships are meant to last forever, and this is okay. You can still cherish and value a relationship even after it ends.

9. Your body is just a body. It’s a vessel. Your body isn’t your masterpiece, your life is. Live accordingly.

10. There are billions of people out there. If one person doesn’t like you, it’s no reason for you not to like you. As they say, you can be the juiciest, ripest peach and there is still going to be someone who simply doesn’t like peaches.

11 . Focus on being kind and compassionate, rather than on being liked. The love you put into the world will often come back to you.

12. Losing weight isn’t going to make your life any better. Address what’s really going on in your mind and your heart, and try not to take it out on your body.

13 . It’s okay to stay in bed when the world is heavy. It’s okay to say you are struggling. And it’s okay( and encouraged) to seek support. Asking for supporting is no sign of weakness. In fact, it’s a sign of great strength. 14 . When life feels light and easy, let it be light and easy. Don’t get in your head and try to create problems that don’t exist. 15 . Judging other people doesn’t induce you any better.

16. You are allowed to have unproductive days.

17 . You are allowed to be in a smaller or a larger or a medium sized body. 18 . A relationship should expand you. It should never shrink you.

19. In one week or one month or one year things can be entirely different. Keep trying and maintain having religion in yourself.

20 . It’s okay if you like your hobbies more than your career, or if your career isn’t your passion. Simply make sure you set aside the time to also pursue your passion. 21 . Confidence stimulates you more beautiful. It’s as simple as that. 22 . One nasty day or month doesn’t equate to an nasty life. Keep things in perspective.

23. You are allowed to forgive your old self for any mistakes she made. You don’t have to hold on to unhappiness forever.

24. You can love your body at any shape or sizing. There are no regulations or qualifications that you have to meet in order to love your body.

25 . Be with someone who values what he has when he has you.

26. It’s okay if you drink alcohol. It’s also okay if you don’t.

27. You don’t have to wait until everything is perfect in your life for you to go for what you want.

28. One day you will be relieved that things didn’t work out in the way you had expected.

29 . Eat your dark chocolate at night. Life is too short to not engage all of your senses. 30 . If you dislike exerting, you’re probably doing the wrong kind of exercise( for you ). 31 . You don’t have to explain yourself to others. 32 . Hating yourself doesn’t get you anywhere in life. But loving yourself? Now that’s when you’re on to something. 33 . It’s okay to have a big group of friends, and it’s also okay to have a small group of friends. Do what feels best to you. Having more or less friends doesn’t make you a more or less valuable person. 34 . You can’t actually “control” your body or change your body kind. Instead of constantly opposing your body, find clothes that you feel comfy in. Do exercises that construct your body feel better. Be on your body’s team.

35. There’s so much more to life than being “cool.”

36 . At some phase you have to let go of your expectations and find a way to find joy in the life you are currently living.

37. It’s never too late to change your mind or start something new.

38 . Your thoughts don’t always tell you the truth. Question your thoughts. Be a critic of your thoughts. And know when it is your anxiety talking, and not your heart.

39. Its okay to be afraid. It doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. You can still move forward even when you are scared.

40. No diet is going to make you like yourself more.

41 . The only person you are able to part of our efforts to impress is you. 42 . You are more than a resume, and much more than a listing of accomplishments. 43 . There’s no need to obsess over decisions, or over whether or not your decision is the right decision. Each decision you make opens the door to new opportunities and to even more decisions. You can constantly rewrite your story.

44. Treat your body as your home.

45 . Surround yourself with people who build your heart feel warm inside. 46 . Don’t look to others for validation. Their opinion is not a reflection of who you are. 47 . It’s okay to change your intellect or alteration your track, even though they are it shocks other people. You have to live for you. And the people who care about you will understand and support the changes you make. 48 . Wellness is not a certain shape or size, or a certain diet or workout plan. Wellness is doing whatever attains being alive feel good. 49 . We aren’t made of numbers on a scale, likes on Instagram, reviews at work, or scores on exams. We are made of so much more than merely numbers.

50. You are permitted( and encouraged) to love yourself.


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