5 of the coolest health-tech products we ensure at CES 2017

LAS VEGAS At CES 2017, we previewed some of the coolest health tech set to hit the market.

From a brand new take over the electric breast pump to a discreet route to check sobriety during a night on the town, trust us, there’s a lot of neat stuff on the horizon.

1. Proof

Image: Brian koerber/ mashable

The Proof wearable wants to help drinkers keep an eye on their BAC levels.

The company behind this wristband claims it was able measure alcohol molecules through your skin and send data to its corresponding app on your smartphone. And with $100,000 in funding from the National Institutes of Health, plus extensive third-party testing, the company says it stands up against other breathalyzers on the market.

It’ll launch a crowdfunding campaign afterwards this year and aims for a price scope between $100 to $150.

2. Willow

Image: mashable

These wearable breast pumps are a wholly hands-free alternative to the traditional electric pump.

The FD-Aapproved pumps are meant to be slipped into the wearer’s bra, entailing users can go about other activities. Once Willow senses the storage pouches are full, it stops on its own. It’s even quiet enough to wear out of the house.

Willow launchings this spring, and will retail for the steep cost of $429.99, plus $ 0.50 per storage bag.

3. Motiv

Image: motiv

Tired of wearing a Fitbit all day? Motiv has a smaller alternative fitness tracker for you.

The company says it use three sensors to track data like heart rate or the number of steps taken in a day. All that data is sent to a corresponding app on your phone to track fitness goals. You can even take a dip in the pool.

Motiv is available for pre-order for $199.00.


This digestive tracker wants to help you figure out which foods are most compatible with your body.

A user jolts into AIRE like a breathalyzer in order to assess the level of gas in his or her bloodstream. AIREs smartphone app employs that data to calculate how a user’s bodywill respond to different types of foods. It’s no physician replacing, but it could offer useful insight about the effects of a user’s diet.

AIRE isavailable for pre-order at a discounted cost of $99 usually $149.00 and ships this fall.

5. Krastase Hair Coach

Image: lili sams/ mashable

Are you aware that you could be brushing your hair incorrectly, or that it’s even a prospect to do so?

L’Oreal’s new Krastase Hair Coach will see to it that you know exactly what you’re doing. This smart brush packs a whole lot of tech, with five sensors that detect the different ways in which you brush your hair, and apparently even the health of the hair itself. It sends that data to a corresponding smartphone app that then coaches you to be a better brusher.

When it launches in mid-2 017, it’ll expense a little under $200.00. Cheers to better hair days ahead.

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