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Working out in NYC tends to get way more expensive and complicated than it should. Basically, it has all the bougie, celeb-studded alternatives of LA, but none of the free, nature-y alternatives of LA( hiking, beach running, chasing down Kardashians–you get it ). Sure, you could dodge tourists in Central Park, but your patience will be getting more of a workout than you are. And IMO, all the hidden fees and rush hours involved in traditional gym memberships are a pain. So, in the interest of getting the best workouts for the best price, you sign up for ClassPass–only to discover that half the options there are just as expensive as booking regular class. That’s where I come in. I’ve tracked down the best boutique fitness studios that actually offer deals through ClassPass–here’s where you should go. Note on how I’m pricing credits : I pay $94/ month for 45 ClassPass credits+ Blink membership. That’s less than$ 2/ credit; if I buy additional, it’s priced at $2.50/ credit.

Fhitting Room

Regular cost : $38 Best ClassPass price : 12 credits ($ 24 -3 0)

Fhitting Room offers high-intensity interval training: you’ll lift some weights, use some machines, and do burpees while a trainer screams at you until your chest hittings the floor. I’m not even being that dramatic–if you like trainers who go easy on you, either hire someone with a meek demeanor or, IDK, don’t go to any of the studios on this list. Classes here can go up to 21 credits on ClassPass( at which point you’d be better off only buying them at the regular price ), but if you choose your time carefully, you can book for 12 or 13. Right now, I’m looking at the app and there are 13 -credit class available at 9:30 am all week, plus every Saturday afternoon class. It’s a killer bargain for a lot of hands-on attention from legit trainers.


Regular cost : $35 Best ClassPass price : 10 credits ($ 20 -2 5) ShadowBox is–you guessed it–a boxing class! You’ll warm up with some cardio drills and shadowboxing, then go into seven rounds of purse work with more cardio( jumping jacks, burpees) or static holds( air squatting, planks) in between. Most class are 18 credits on ClassPass, but midday during the week is often 10 credits( don’t worry, they have showers ), as are early morning weekend class. Hey, I never said the most convenient classes would be the cheapest. I’ve only been to the Flatiron location, but the studio is very chic, and I candidly guessed I was going to die the first time I took a class there. If that’s not a sign of a good workout, what is?

Overthrow Underground Boxing

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What Are You Fighting For? #whatareyoufightingfor #overthrow

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Regular cost : $34 Best ClassPass price : 8 credits ($ 16 -2 0) I legitimately virtually didn’t include this on the list because it’s my favorite place to work out, and I don’t want it to get any busier. That being said, I’m too generous not to clue you all in on the amazing deal and workout experience of Overthrow. At 8 credits a class( and there are a lot of options) plus free glove rentals, this place would probably be my go-to for boxing even if it weren’t my favorite workout( which it is ). Classes are in a darknes basement, which is cooler than it voices, and includes shadowboxing, circuit training, container work, and partner work. It’s improved my boxing more than any other studio, and only stimulates me feel GOOD. Definitely a different experience from Shadowbox, so try both and insure what you like.

Switch Playground

Regular price : $36 Best ClassPass price : 8 credits ($ 16 -2 0) Switch Playground is a very specific type of workout class: you expend two minutes at 20 different stations, with two exerts per station that you alternate between in rounds of 30 seconds. If it voices complicated, it’s not–they have a bunch of trainers in the room who demonstrate each workout and tell you exactly when to switch to the next movement. If you get bored easily, this is the perfect class for you. And if you take a while to get into each exercise, it’s definitely not. Either way, it’s a high-powered, high-energy class with a DJ and fun lighting that will certainly make you break a sweat. And all for $16.


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That Sweat Fest motivation bide strong: @hailskp

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Regular cost : $25 Best ClassPass price : 6 credits ($ 12 -1 5) I perfectly love hot yoga, but after a few months of cutting out all other forms of exercise , I reluctantly acknowledged it didn’t have the calorie-burning power I needed. I’m not saying Y7 is an exception to this, but I am saying that it offers enough non-calorie benefits that keep me coming back. Y7′ s yoga classes are conducted in candle-lit, mirrorless rooms, and have you go through three yoga sequences first with a class, then on your own. Remembering the sequence can be a little challenging, but I swear it’s improved my memory and overall yoga abilities–plus, the lack of mirrors lets me lean into the meditation aspect of yoga way more than classes where I’m constantly checking myself out.( What? I appear hot doing yoga .) Whatever your relationship to yoga, I’d recommend trying Y7 at least once. There you have it! I’m mildly concerned that all these studios will raise their ClassPass costs once they find out they’re offering better deals, but that’s a risk I’ll take in the name of journalism. Please don’t overcrowd my fave classes, but if I’ve build working out in NYC an easier experience for you, then I’ll be happy. Images: Chase Kinney/ Unsplash; fhittingroom, sbx_boxing. overthrownewyork, switchplaygroundnyc, y7studio/ Instagram

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