40 Thought-Provoking Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Live An Emotionally Healthy Life

1. Am I achieving goals beyond what is expected of me?

2. Are all my pastimes for pure pleasure or do some of them contribute something to society for?

3. Do I ask for what I need even when it may cause conflict?

4. Am I generous to those who have nothing to give me?

5. Have I become comfortable with my life for the purposes of the self-preservation?

6. How am I challenging myself?

7. Am I challenging myself?

8. Do I remain silent when I should speak out against an injustice?

9. Am I taking advantage of those I love?

10. Are my families and loved ones taking advantage of me?

11. Why am I doing what I am doing?

12. Am I merely doing[ insert aim here] in order to be considered successful by others?

13. Do I treat others in an ethical way?

14. Did I build someone chuckle or smile today?

15. Did I build myself laugh or smile today?

16. Am I assuming more than I am asking?

17. Am I overthinking every situation to the detriment of my relationships?

18. When I am in a rut, am I accepting myself for who I am in the present moment?

19. When I build mistakes, do I treat the route I would treat others?

20. When I construct mistakes, do I treat the style I would want to be treated?

21. Are the decisions I am making today going to negatively impact my future?

22. Am I okay with not knowing the answer to a difficult question?

23. Why do I feel embarrassed when I am wrong?

24. Is having the answer to a question more important than my emotional well-being?

25. In my job or relationship( s ), do I ever excavate deeper or am I always resolving for mediocrity?

26. Have I learned about a new topic?

27. Do I learn the bare minimum about a topic or do I increase my knowledge on a subject I have a decent comprehend on?

28. Do I always make decisions based on my feelings?

29. Do I always make decisions based on logic?

30. What is the best way in order to be allowed to mourn?

31. How does the style I mourn affect those I care about most?

32. When is it okay for me to be impulsive?

33. When would it benefit me the most to be more organized?

34. Do I believe people are naturally talented or that the success of others is a mix of hard work and( possibly) natural talent?

35. How am I engaging my senses on a daily basis?

36. On a scale of 1 to 10, how closed off am I to others?

37. On a scale of 1 to 10, how dependent am I on others?

38. How long has it been since I have had a creative project?

39. How much do I complain?

40. How many times do I remind myself to be grateful for what I have?

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