4 Things That Have Helped Me Be Less Anxious Lately

1. Going out more often to seek the sunlight

It’s crazy how something we often take for granted is one of the essential things that constructs us feel better and truly alive. The sunshine is coming out more often as spring is drawing nearer. It casts a temporary darknes on my anxious country and builds me forget it for a little while and lets me enjoy the moments that the bright sunshine rays coloring my cheeks slightly pink. The climate can truly affect our mood and defined the tone for the rest of the day.

2. Finding out the roots of my anxiety

Having nervousnes doesn’t mean that I have a problem, but it sure will better my living condition if I know where it comes from before I can take the steps to learn how to live with it or, even better, how to get rid of it for good. Looking back to the time that I was still a kid until now, I notice recurring patterns in my behavior in similar situations where I would get triggered by anxiety. Ask yourself what kind of situations or which type of people attain you the most anxious. Talking with others about it might shed light on parts of yourself that you haven’t thought about that could be one of the causes of anxiety.

3. Alterations in diet

You are what you eat, right? I decided to give vegetarianism a go for a month. Two weeks in and I can say that I have been a lot more conscious about my food options, and that has affected my daily life. I have been feeing a lot more fruits and vegetables while feeing less sugar and processed products. By being more expended and conscious of what I feed, my body had begun to react positively to the changes in my diet, slowly decreasing the little inconveniences and thus leading to less anxious moments throughout the day.

4. Finding an outlet to express my feelings of anxiety

Having an outlet to turn to when it’s too much to handle is a relief. It can be anything. Personally, I feel most drawn to water. Something magical always happens when I see, hear, savor and feel the water. When I’m walking outside, I always tend to walk nearby a lagoon or sitting on a park bench to look out to the glistening reflection of the water before me. Merely making a pot of hot tea and enjoying it all by myself can take a huge weight off my shoulders. I also get more at ease when I hear raindrops tapping softly on my window while I’m curled up inside with a blanket and a book on my lap. That same easiness will rinse over me when I’m swimming laps at my local swimming pool. There is just something about water that helps me to relax and let go for a moment.

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