27 Soothing Rituals You Should Try When Everything Is Running To Shit

1. Build a bunch of iced tea with fresh mint leaves. Just trust me, fresh mint is worth the splurge.

2. Floss. It’s like a massage for your gums.

3. Organize your bookshelves by coloring. All color-coded errythang.

4. Cut up a t-shirt. Show that side scalp, baby. You know you got those cute bralettes for a reason.

5. Give yourself an at-home DIY facial. Like this one.

6. Watch a comedy special. You know who makes everything better? Hannibal Burress. John Mulaney. Ali Wong. Bo Burnham.

7. Work on your handstands or headstands until you get dizzy and need to lie down.

8. Find a farmers market and get your render for the week there. Eat a piece of fresh fruit every day for a week. And beyond that, try running sugarless for a week.

9. Get rid of all the random shit in your billfold, handbag, and on your key ring.

10. Sort through the entire contents of your closet, donate shit, and then go thrifting for things you actually need( instead of just random junk you “want” ).

11. Visit an animal shelter. Spend the day amongst the puppies. Try not to adopt them all.

12. Build an old pair of jeans into a new distressed pair of jeans. You’ll need: kitchen scissors, a serrated knife, Google, and a somewhat reckless spirit.

13. Take inventory of the entire contents of your fridge, and write off things you are able to construct from your random-ass smorgasbord of foods this week. Appear up some recipes, and attain yourself a dinner scheme utilizing what you already have.

14. Find yourself a go-to affirmation, and repeat it to yourself 15 times whenever you commute.

15. Watch a very shitty reality Tv demonstrate and magistrate everyone in the cast.

16. Then creep the person or persons on said reality depict and gain fashion and makeup insight from their Instagram because, hey, youre only human.

17. Find new music instead of listening to the same three monotonous playlists youve had on repeat. Induce a bunch of new playlists who really arouse you.

18. Take a boxing class. Getting aggression out in a productive style? What a novel idea!

19. Talk shit on someone with one of your best friends. Catharsis. Getting aggression out in a not-so-productive route is good too.

20. Stop asking yourself for permission. This isnt necessarily a pacifying ritual, but its a necessary for keeping it together when everything else feels like its going up in smoke.

21. Build a fire and grill on top of it. Or if you dont have any means of stoking a fire, but you have a grill, perhaps go that route. Buy some smores fixings and go to town.

22. Watch a YouTube tutorial about learning an instrument that you abandoned once upon a time.

23. Buy a beautiful potted plant or flower for your apartment. Actually water it every day.

24. Do three stretches every morning the same three stretches. You can even pick three yoga poses. Try a butterfly stretching, childs pose, cobra pose, or downward dog.

25. Once a day, make a concerted great efforts to smile. It doesnt matter whether youre a smiley person, or you have~ resting bitch face ~, just take the time and remind yourself to smile. Coaxing your lips upward genuinely can improve your mood.

26. Write your friend across the country, or across the world. Dont even tell them youre writing them, simply buy some stationery and stamps and send the letter.

27. Redecorate a wall in your apartment. Paint an accent wall, hang a tapestry, or do a mood board with framed quotes and images.

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