20 Styles To Chase A More Fulfilling Life

I am a 20 -something millennial simply existing in this world. We all get moments of “I don’t feel happy” or “I don’t feel satisfied.”

I asked myself, “How can I enjoy life more? ”

In honor of 2020, below are 20 ways one can simply chase life, rather than exist.

1. Do whatever it is you enjoy more often . What constructs you happy? What makes a smile appear on your face? Think of it and do it. Drink a cup of tea. Go for a walk. Go for a jog. Do a face mask. Take a bath with bubbles and champagne. 2. Focus on you- ONLY YOU . Your goals. Your life aspirations. Your dreams. Your aspirations. What are they? What illuminations you up like a billion starrings in the sky? Focus on your happiness. What drives you to be yourself? Be more of your authentic self and you will enjoy your life much more than you ever supposed possible. It’s not selfish.( Ensuring your happiness in life will make you more productive .) To society, a productive global citizen emboldens the world to be the best it can be.

3. Surround yourself with your favorite people and aspects of life. You will smile more.

4. Live life on your words. No one else’s.

5. Do not wait for others to provide happiness in your life . Go on that cruise. Book that flight. Take yourself out for lunch. Go to the movies. Be so happy within your own soul that it transforms from within your intellect out to the physical realm of the Universe.

6. Be confident in your thoughts. Confident thinks equal confident actions. Confident actions equal confident results. Believe in yourself. Have faith in yourself.

7. Do not emphasize. Learn from the past. Live in the present. Prepare for the future by take small steps each day in the present to be ready for the future. day.( Also, stress causes wrinkles and no one likes wrinkles)

8. Know that an incredible life lies within reach at any given time .

9. Most important of all, recollect what your purpose is. Do not do anything that pulls you away from that intent. Stay away from negative energy. It is to be used to recite positive affirmations.( “I am mentally strong.” “I am successful.” “I will achieve my life ambitions.” Some of my personal favourites … “I believe in myself.” “I am focused.”)

10. It is to be used to do one activity that calms your mind. I personally meditate.

11. It is to be used to do one activity that calms your nerves . I personally run running.

12. You should focus on the present . What can you do each day that propels you closer to your goals?( Refer to# 9) Conquer life one day at a time. And then repeat that each day. By the time you look back, you will be so far ahead.

13. Wake up each day and simply close your eyes for five minutes and take deep breaths. Starting each day with positive aims defines the foundation for an entire day of success.( Refer to# 9)

14. Exercise . Do yoga. Do Pilates. Do yogalates. Stretch. Dance. Run. Swim. Whatever form of exert you enjoy …. just keep moving. I run, swim, stretching and do yoga. Like Elle Woods called, “Exercise gives you endorphins; Endorphins build you happy, happy people simply don’t shoot their spouses! ”

15. Read. Stimulate your brain by reading a book that attains you smile. Allow your intellect to empower you with positive images.

16. Do not settle. Set the goals so high that you elevate yourself to match the goals. Be better. Do better. Elevate yourself.

17. You are the architect of your own life. Design it with your purposes. Build it from the ground up with the foundation of an intent to thrive.

18. Put yourself first. You are number one. You are powerful. You are worthy of a happy life. Create the life that you are presented in your dreams. Manifest those dreams into your reality by focusing on you.

19. Enhance your human capital through experiences, education and endless self-improvement . There shall always be room for improvement. Improve yourself with courses, traveling, and connecting with new people. 20. Follow your dreams . It is cliche to think this. But chase your dreams. It is worth fighting for. Your dreams are worth fighting for. What would fulfill your life more than to chase your dreams?

You owe it to yourself to follow your dreams. You owe it to yourself to simply chase life.

Say this out loud right this moment …. “I will chase my dreams and will not stop until I have fulfilled my dreams.”


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