20+ Hilarious Times Coworkers Made Everyone Laugh Out Loud

# 2 My Coworker And I Simply Realised Something

# 3 I Asked A Coworker A Question When She Was On Vacation

# 4 We Have A Wallpaper Forest On One Of The Walls At Work. I Wonder How Long Till The Boss Notices My Upgrade

# 5 An ER Nurse And Her Coworkers Decided Gummy Bears Needed To Be Renamed

# 6 My Friends Work Requires A Doctors Note If You Call In Sick

# 7 We Shrunk A Coworker’s Desk While He Was On Vacation.( Art Director For Scale)

# 8 I’m Too Short To See Over The Cubicle Walls. So I Made A Cut Out Of My Face In A Stick And Use It When I Talk To My Neighbours

# 9 I Bought A Tiny Violin To Play When My Coworkers Complain

#10 Don’t Fuck With The IT Guy Who Hasn’t Seen The Finale Of GOT

#12 Coworker Made This For Me. I Guess He’s Trying To Send Me A Message

#13 I Heard Someone Yelling In The Bathroom. I Guess I May Have Found The Source

#14 Conference Call Bingo, Anyone?

#15 Office Legend

#16 My Colleagues New Desktop

#17 Ran To My Car Because My Coworker Said Someone Slashed My Tires

#18 Found This Today At Work

#19 An Average Day On IT Support

#20 My Co-Workers Think They’re Hilarious

#22 I’ve Been Waiting 9 Months For A Coworker To Ride His Harley To Work So I Could Do This

#23 My Manager Posted A Note In The Break-Room. My Coworkers Took Action

#24 Almost Every Day I Take A Sneak Photo Of My Colleague Jakob

#25 Winters Are Tough On Slower People

#26 One Of My Coworkers Is Getting His Citizenship Today, So We Left Him A Surprise For When He Get Back

#27 I’m A Nice Colleague

#28 No One At Work Has Taken Responsibility For Decorating The Christmas Tree, For The Last Week It Has Been Propped Up In Its Box Waiting. Today This Happened

#29 Guy Working On The 13 th Floor Looked Out The Window At The Top Of The Parking Garage, And Had An Idea. This Is The Result

#30 I’m 6’6″ And I Like To Blow Coworkers’ Minds For Halloween

#32 I Work In An ENT/ Eye Clinic. One Of My Coworkers Had This At His Desk

#33 One Coworker Moves The Stapler To Another Floor. Others Join In And Takes It To World Adventures

#34 Coworker And I, Have Been Working Side By Side For Years And Are Known For Talking Too Much. Recently, They Moved My Case And Replaced It With A Cabinet, Leaving Him Cut-Off And Lonely With No One To Talk To. Today I Noticed What He Put Up Where My Face Used To Be

#35 My Coworker At The Walmart Deli Causes A Lot Of Trouble For Management

#36 My Mom’s Office Had A Decorating Contest For Their Cubicles. My Mom Is On The Left, But I Guess Her Neighbor Deserved The Win

#37 My Coworker Cut Her Hand Open Making Avocado Toast And Had To Get Stitches. Today, I Had This Ready In Her Office When She Came Into Work

#38 I Work In IT, Finding This In The Server Room Made My Day

#39 Someone Who Works At A Charity Shop Put Jeff Goldblum In Every Single Photo Frame

#40 A Lady In My Office Has A Basket Of Green Army Men In Yoga Poses

#42 I Heard A Coworker Say, “This Segway Is Terrible.” I Turned Around And Found Him Like This

#43 My Coworkers And I Can Never Decide Where To Eat For Lunch, So We Made A System To Help Us Choose. I Give You: The Hungry Games

#44 Our IT Guy Went On Vacation And Left Us This Note

#45 Historic Marker At My Office

#46 My Office Held An Easter Egg Decorating Contest. I’m Not Artistically Inclined

#47 Thank You To Whoever Put This On My Locker At Work. I Really Needed The Laugh

#48 My Older Brother Took A Nap At Work After Staying Up All Night To Watch NBA Finals. His Coworkers Took A Picture Of Him And Decided To Have Fun With It

#49 It’s My Boyfriend’s Birthday Today. This Is Card He Received From His Work Colleagues

#50 For My Last Day Of Work At The Pet Store, I Made Myself Employee Of The Month

#52 What It’s Like Working With All Women And Their Lunch Purses

#53 This Note On The Fridge At Work

#54 He Burnt Himself At Work And Made An Informative Graph

#55 A Colleague Found A Use For An Old Cisco 5500

#56 I Work In A Call Center And A Gay Coworker Handed Me This Note

#57 Today Is My Coworker’s Last Day. She Told Me I Could Have Her Family Pictures

#58 Someone At Work Finally Paid Attention To My Warning Sign

#59 Fire Alarm At My Work

#60 The Quote Of The Day At My Office

#62 Office Antics

#63 Had A Killer Craving For Cheetos Today, Coworker Delivered

#64 It’s My Coworker’s Last day So We Made A Pillow For The Office To Remember Him By. He Wasn’t Happy

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