15+ Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes At The Gym

I’ll let you in on a secret ab exercise only the most experienced athletes know. Next time you’re in the gym, try opening your eyes to the hilarious things around you. And Bored Panda promises you, there are so many funny details in every fitness sanctuary, you’ll definitely get a six pack from laughing. From people wearing cat spandex that stares right in your soul to a parrot trying to workout just like everybody else, there’s a little something for every type of sense of humor. Scroll down to check out our selection of some of the funniest gym pictures ever taken and vote for your favorites.

#1 A Parrot Trying To Workout Like A Human

#2 The Guy Who Was Motivating People At The Gym

#3 This 82-Year-Old Woman Is Stronger Than You

#4 My Dad’s Client At The Gym Turned 99 Today. She Is A Badass

#5 Cat Spandex That Stares Into Your Soul

#6 Gym Workout. She Has A Dance Competition Coming Up. Her Partner Is In His 90’s And Is “Kind Of Weak”. She Wants To Be Strong Enough To Hold Him Up

#7 When You’re Trying To Stay Healthy, But Your Demons Still Haunt You

#8 My New Gym Is So Thoughtful

#9 Fitness Level: Pro

#10 So A Guy Came In And Cancelled His Planet Fitness Gym Membership Today

#12 Guy I Work Out With At The Gym

#13 There Was A Marching Band At The Gym Today

#14 Ok Mr. Treadmill, You Talked Me Out Of It. Thanks

#15 When You’re Too Tall To Go To The Gym And You Need Improvise

#16 Finally This This An Exercise For Me

#17 This Guy Was At My Gym Today, Taking Things A Bit Too Serious

#18 Getting Pumped For That Date After The Gym

#19 Training To Become The Senate

#20 My Gym Is A Gym Of Failure

#22 An Unfortunate Logo For A Fitness Center

#23 Because A Gym Membership Costs Less Than Cable

#24 “I Don’t Always Workout But When I Do I Have No Idea What I’m Doing”

#25 Scorpion And Sub-Zero Were At The Gym Yesterday

#26 Arched Back? Check. Nuts In The Face? Check

#27 I Bet No One Will Tell Her She’s Using The Machine Wrong

#28 When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

#29 Are They Making Another Movie?

#30 Krillin Works Out At My Gym

#32 Saw A Brother At The Gym Tonight

#33 Found Wario At The Gym

#34 Is This How You Work Your Brain Out?

#35 She Is Doing Stairs While Drinking A 2 Liter Of Pepsi

#36 Eating Ice Cream While In A Gym? Well, That’s One Of My Biggest Dreams

#37 I Found Waldo!

#38 Some Guy That Has No Idea How To Use Gym Equipment Properly

#39 Are You Sure You Know What You Are Doing?

#40 Apparently, I Have Been Doing Cardio Wrong My Whole Life. She Has A Coffee And A Kindle

#42 When You Need To Get Updated About News In The World While Working Out

#43 I Don’t Care If It’s Your First Time At The Gym And You Forgot Your Pair Of Sneakers, This Sh*t Just Shouldn’t Be Allowed

#44 When Sun Hits Too Hard

#45 Yoga Mat Used Wrongly

#46 Guesses? What Is That?

#47 How Does This Work On Leg Day?

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