13 Workout Wardrobe Essentials That’ll Make Awesome Gifts For Your Beginner BFF

Ask anyone who considers themselves a part of the #fitfam, and they’ll tell you they’re partly in it for the clothes. Long gone are the days when going to the gym entailed throwing on a busted, old graphic tee and sweatpants( I like to think we have millennials to thank for that ). The way realm is no longer catering solely to the risk-takers and trendsetters; style is now highly represented through our athletic wear, which induces it all the more fun to shop for workout wardrobe essentials for your bestie who’s merely getting started on her fitness journey.

Not merely can you develop your bestie like a animal, you are able to dress her like a beauty, too. With leggings officially counting as gasps( sorry not sorry, Blair Waldorf ), there are plenty of options to choose from to ensure she’s garmented for success for every hot yoga class, HIIT circuit, and the like. As someone who owns countless pairs of leggings, harvest tops to mix and match, and actively searches for the prettiest sports bras on the market, I can guarantee your girl is going to fall in love with everything athleisure. This is your chance to show her how it’s done.

Here are a few key workout wardrobe essentials your novice BFF is going to need to secure her #fitgirl status in 2018.

1A Cute And Comfy Tank For Home Workouts

Free People

No Sweat Tank, $48, Free People

Topping my own wishlist for the holidays is this blush pink tank from Free People. The piece is stimulated with a tri-blend jersey fabric that’s super breathable, and falls just slightly below the waist so you can tie it into a crop top or leave it loose.

I’m also genuinely loving the open cross-back silhouette. Criss-cross details are having a moment lately, and I expect them to pop up even more going to get 2018. Purchase this for your gym rat BFF, and she’ll is not merely be styling at the weight rack, she’ll be way ahead of this soon-to-be breakout tendency.

2Long Sleeves For Extra Warmth In The Yoga Studio


Studio Crop Long Sleeve, $59, Athleta

Personally, I’m the type of person who doesn’t naturally gravitate toward long-sleeve tops for the gym, especially if I know I’m in for a gruesome sweat. However, wintertime is and sometimes the only way to get my body moving is to wear a comfy athleisure ensemble that’ll keep me warm.

This studio crop from Athleta is built with polyester and spandex cloths that are warm, but still breathable, so you don’t have to hesitate running hard on the treadmill( the sweat’s coming, anyway ). The fit is super relax, and the design itself is super casual so you can even wear it out to brunch after your sweat conference. Now what I call balance.

3A Versatile Sports Bra

Free People

City Slicker Sports Bra, $29.95, Free People

Sports bras that double as crop tops give me life. This gorgeous piece by Free People is somewhat reminiscent of a halter top, and comes in a range of colors from a bright, orangey-red hue, to this beautiful forest green.

Your bestie can wear it under a hoodie or long-sleeve shirt, but even though it’s going to be freezing outside over the next few months, she’s going to be working hard in the gym. When the HIIT get heated, she can take off layers and sport this piece solo.

4A Piece Of Zen

Spiritual Gangster

Zen AF Sports Bra, $48, Spiritual Gangster

I feel like there’s this stereotypical assumption that yogis can’t be badasses, but Spiritual Gangster’s aesthetic shuts that down real quick.

This brand is a classic one because it promotes positive vibes and good karma with boho-meets-hipster-meets-edgy pieces that are simple, but get the point across. They have a ton of athletics bras to choose from with quirky mantras like “Zen AF, ” and “Namaslay” that your fellow yogi is bound to love.

5A Stretchy, Sturdy Bra


Beloforte Savoi Sports Bra, $49, Revolve

I practically live in athletics bras, but when I’m hitting the mat or heading to the gym, I need one that’s comfortable to wear, but will still maintain my girls in check when I start moving around.

Beloforte is a brand I always go back to for high-quality pieces that are fashionable, functional, and that make my body feel good. The Savoi bra is my current favorite, and if your girl loves subtle, sexy details, she’ll fawn over these mesh panel accents.

6Sweats To Run Or Lounge In

Z Supply

The Marled Jogger Pant, $50, Z Supply

I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect pair of laid-back joggers that I can throw on for cardio or rest days, and I suppose I’ve ultimately received them. Z Supply’s marled sweats were designed for maximum comfort and feature an adjustable drawstring waistband, elastic cuffs, and front pockets for storing your personals( i.e. gym membership card ).

7Leggings That Feel Like A Literal Dream


Dreamy Leggings, $42, Gymshark

Anyone who knows me knows I am a loyal Gymshark customer, and their Flex leggings have been my go-to since their launching. But then the brand introduced their signature Dreamy leggings, and it would seem that now I have come to a crossroads.

Not merely are these leggings super cute overall, but your waist also has enough wiggle room so you can breathe through your workout. Plus, there’s a hidden pocket along the waistband to store your phone or keys, and every pair fits like a glove for maximum convenience.

8A Cap To Control Sweaty Fly-Aways


Baller Hat, $38, Lululemon

I wasn’t a hat person until I started ensure my favorite fitness influencers rocking ball caps while they’d lift. I started searching around online for one of my own, and nothing compares to this pick by Lululemon.

The model comes in nine solid colours to choose from( I’m personally torn between white, heather gray, and this olive tint myself) and includes an adjustable strap so you don’t have to figure out what sizing your bestie wears.

9A Beanie That Sparkles As Bright As Her Personality


Metallic Beanie, $38, Athletica

Here’s another hat your fit chick might be into if she’s a fan of headgear. Athleta’s metal accessory is definitely one she’ll get a ton of use out of traveling in and out of the gym, or even when she’s just out operating some errands.

10Cute Mittens To Protect A Runner’s Hands From Frostbite

Under Armour

UA Around Town Mittens, $27.99, Under Armour

Girls who run don’t take a winter hiatus; they muddle through the cold and snow to reach that runner’s high, regardless of falling temperatures.

Slipping into Under Armour’s polyester knit pair of mittens will maintain her warm all the route from point A to B and back again, but if she gets too hot, she can easily unbutton the pullover material to give her thumbs some air.

11A Gym Bag With Swag

CALIA by Carrie Underwood

Sport Duffel, $49.99, CALA by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s line of athletic wear and accessories is bae because it’s affordable and caters to all kinds of body shapes and sizings.

Aside from the singer’s workout clothes, this sporty-chic duffle is hands-down my favorite gym purse to date because it’s loaded with interior pockets, a front zipper, and a mesh water bottle holder stitched into the side to ensure all basis are encompassed before you head to your cycling class.

12A New Pair Of Kicks

All Birds

Women’s Wool Runners, $95, Allbirds

Slipping on my first pair of Allbirds constructed me believe in love at first wear. Each shoe is built with merino fleece which, founder Tim Brown says, is unbelievably sustainable( not to mention comfortable ).

These shoes are an excellent fit whether your giftee is the first on her yoga mat at the studio, lifts heavy, or counts casual saunters as her the ways and means of cardio. These babies are designed to minimize odor, regulate temperature, control sweaty soles, and simply overall feel amazing on your feet. Plus, how can anyone fall in love with that pale purple colouring?

13Hair Ties She’ll Keep Tabs On


Liz’s Pick 5 Pack, $13.99, Teleties

Rather than stuffing her stocking with yet another bundle of hair ties( because, seriously, didn’t you only buy her a dozen last year ?), find your giftee an accessory she can use in and outside the gym.

When I came across Teleties, I couldn’t resist praising the brand’s genius. Available in many colorings( the mint is my personal favorite ), these hair ties disguised as bangles exemplify the true meaning of athleisure: things you can wear to and from the gym that still appear appropriate in all settings. Plus, these bands are waterproof, antibacterial, and their strong grip won’t injury your girl’s ‘do. Sold!

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