10 Acai Bowl Recipes That Are Too Delicious Not To Try

By now, you’re likely familiar with acai bowls — for those who need a refresher, the acai berry is a superfood from Brazil, known for its many health benefits. While you’ve most likely gobbled down a few of these breakfast bowl, you might be getting sick of the trendy treat.

To help get you out of your acai bowl rut, we rounded up a few delicious recipes from our favorite food bloggers. From bowls that feature beets to ones that feature avocado, we’re about to reinvigorate your love for the acai bowl.

1 Berry Acai Bowl

Lean Green Nutrition Fiend

Get theBerry Acai Bowl recipeonLean Green Nutrition Fiend

2 Acai Oat Bowl

Rosalie’s Recipes

Get the Acai Oat Bowl recipe from Rosalie’s Recipes

3 Berry Beet Acai Bowls

Gourmande in the Kitchen

Get the Berry Beet Acai Bowls recipe from Gourmande in the Kitchen

4 Sunshine Acai Bowl

Whole Hearted Eats

Get the Sunshine Acai Bowl recipeonWhole Hearted Eats

5 Banana Acai Bowl

Happy. Healthy. Life.

Get the Banana Acai Bowl recipe from Happy. Healthy. Life.

6 Fruity Acai Bowl

Epicurean Mom

Get the Fruity Acai Bowl recipe from Epicurean Mom

7 Acai Berry Bowl


Get the Acai Berry Bowl recipeon VeguKate

8 Soy Acai Milk

Margaritas in the Rain

Get the Soy Acai Milk recipe from Margaritas in the Rain

9 Banana Cacao Avocado Bow


Get the Banana Cacao Avocado Bowl recipeon Hummusapien

10 Copycat Juice Generation Acai Smoothie Bowls

Chocolate Covered Katie

Get theCopycat Juice Generation Acai Smoothie Bowls recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie

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