The Mountain’s Diet Is More Shocking Than Anything On ‘Game Of Thrones’

You want a “mountain” body? You better eat b ** ch.

At least that’s what “Game of Thrones” actor Hafthor Julius Bjornsson( he goes by Thor for short) does to achieve his massive frame. Bjornsson, who is currently in competition to be the World’s Strongest Man, plays Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, a now Frankenstein-like monster with a penchant for violence and the ability to “take the head off a horse with a single swinging of his sword.”

Horse decapitations aren’t for the weak-bodied apparently, because Bjornsson has to ingest an insane amount of food to hold himself in shape. The Icelandic strongman shared his daily diet on social media to satiate fans’ curiosities about what it takes to be the “Mountain.”

* Spoiler alerting * he eats a s ** t ton of eggs

Read his full post below.

6: 50 Morning workout! Cardio+ CORE for 30 min Bcca, Glutamine+ handful of almonds
7: 30 8 eggs+ 200 gr Oats+ blueberries& strawberries+ avocado
9: 30 400 gr beef, 400 gr sweet potatoes, handful of spinach& greens
11: 50 Bcca, glutamine,
12: 00 400 gr Chicken+ 400 gr potatoes, greens+ some fruits
14: 00 Blender= 150 gr oats or sweet potatoes, 2 bananas 150 gr Kelloggs Rice Krispies, frozen berries, handful almonds, peanut butter and glutamine
14: 30 Training strongman, Bcca, glutamine, Vitargo
17: 30 60 gr protein+ 2 banans
18: 00 500 gr beef+ potatoes, greens
20: 30 500 gr salmon+ 500 gr sweet potatoes
22: 30 50 gr casein protein or 6 eggs+ avacado+ 30 gr almonds+ 50 gr peanut butter

Drink a lot of water throughout the day+ Juices to get more calories !!

middle of the night 50 gr caseine protein or raw eggs

And you thought you ate a lot.

We’d hate to insured the guy that goes up against him in the World’s Strongest Man competition. Just look what he did with these fridges 😛 TAGEND

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These 6 Females Had No Plan To Operate For Office. Then Trump Came Along.

WASHINGTON — If there’s one area where President Donald Trump has been effective, it’s at inspiring women to run for office to fight against everything he represents.

A staggering number of first-time female candidates has emerged over the past year. More than 26,000 girls have reached out to EMILY’s List, an organization that recruits and trains pro-choice Democratic girls, about launching a campaign. Merely 920 female potential candidates contacted the group in 2015 and 2016 blended. Run for Something, which develops young Democrats to run for local and state seats, has recruited 15,000 people since its launch in late 2016. The vast majority of them are female.

HuffPost fulfilled several women last year who were either thinking about running or who did run for the first time, and we got to thinking: What happened to them? Did they follow through with it? Did they win? If they lost, what are they supposed to do now?

We tracked down six of these women from around the country to see where they landed and what their plans are for 2018. They’ve taken different tracks, but all said they are committed to pushing back on Trump’s rhetoric and polices however they can.

Nikita Richards of Bloomington, Illinois

Nikita Richards Nikita Richards.

Nikita Richards was one of a few dozen attendees of Build the Bench, an all-day boot camp last February designed to train Democrats on how to run for local office. Rep. Cheri Bustos( D-Ill .) organized the event, which offered nuts-and-bolts details on how to run a successful campaign. By the end of it, the 35 -year-old single mama was raring to go.

“I was scared, ” Richards said at the time. “Now I’m ready.”

A year later, Richards is a candidate for McLean County Clerk in Illinois. She doesn’t have a primary challenger, but she’s going up against a Republican in November who has held the seat for two words. If Richards wins, she will be the first African-American elected to the position and the first Democrat in 40 years.

Richards said she’s been focused on talking to people about what a clerk actually does and creating fears with the present clerk’s plan to remove three polling place and consolidate them. Those stations are based in largely minority and low-income neighborhoods that don’t run along bus lines, she said, so removing them would make it difficult for people there to vote. Richards successfully fought to keep one of those polling places where it is, but two were removed and consolidations are moving forward.

“Ultimately, it’s a voter suppression technique, ” she said. “I’m having people question the clerk’s claims that this isn’t happening.”

Kelly Gonez of Los Angeles, California

Kelly Gonez campaign Kelly Gonez.

The day after Trump became president, students in Kelly Gonez’s seventh-grade science class told her they felt frightened. Gonez, 29, had just started teaching at a Los Angeles school after serving as an education policy advisor in the Obama administration. She worried that Trump was planning to undo their own policies work she’d done to protect kids like her students, some of whom had undocumented family members.

She decided to run for a board seat on the Los Angeles Unified School District.

“I looked at the country, in terms of who is running for office, and reflected on my experience in D.C. and supposed,’ Why not me? ’” Gonez said in May.

She won. In the months since then, Gonez, who lives with her husband in Sylmar, said it’s been “infuriating” to see Trump ramp up immigration enforcement efforts in her community, where students have been missing school because they have family members who are undocumented and afraid to drive them there. Gonez said she is determined to proactively fight Trump’s policies in her school district, versus being reactive.

“We launched a campaign, We Are One, highlighting that our schools are safe places and providing immigration resources to households, ” she said. “I also have students who are[ undocumented] who tell me they are worried about going to college. We’re partnering with advocacy organisations so undocumented students can have careers.”

“All of this, ” Gonez added, “is very personal to me.”

Alyse Galvin of Anchorage, Alaska

Alyse Galvin Alyse Galvin.

HuffPost crashed a lunch Alyse Galvin was having with her kids at a coffeehouse in Anchorage in September. Galvin, an undeclared voter, shared her believes on Sen. Lisa Murkowski( R-Alaska) for a story we did and talked about resulting a letter-writing campaign to advise the senator to resist Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ confirmation.

Galvin, 52, was clearly engaged in policy matters at the time — she’s a co-founder of a public education advocacy group — but she didn’t say anything about a potential run for office. But lo and behold, she merely announced she’s running for Congress as an independent against Rep. Don Young( R ). She’s got a campaign up and running, she’s get consultants in Alaska and in Washington , D.C ., and she has raised $70,000 in six days.

“It was not on my radar that day, I can tell you that, ” Galvin, a mama of four, said of her political plans during our last meeting. “I am not a politician. But I’ve run into so many Alaskans who are feeling like Washington is not connected to what the people are hoping for from their leaders. So I decided to step up.”

It won’t be an easy race for Galvin. Young has held this seat since 1973, and two Democrats are operating. But she’s inspired by the people she talks to who are frustrated with Trump and desperate for civil discourse and positive leadership in politics, which, unlike Young, she thinks she can bring.

“Trump has let a lot of people down, ” she said. “We have a citizen government, true, but a citizen government needs to be respectable.”

Shanna Shipman of Peoria, Illinois

Shanna Shipman Shanna Shipman.

Shanna Shipman also participated in Build the Bench in February, despite being unsure of how she could manage a potential campaign while raising four kids and working full period. The 38 -year-old single mama figured she might not run for office right away, but she wanted to be prepared for when she did.

“I look at my 14 -year-old, who knows that I’ve been upset about how certain things are happening, and I would like, rather than her impression be that mama is complaining … that mom’s acting. You know? ” she said at the time.

These days, Shipman has been relishing her hour with her family and still thinks about operating for office. But the timing just isn’t right.

“I am not quite there yet, but increasingly feel that I will run in some capacity. I love my life. I savor my period with my family … and I value my privacy, ” she said. “Eventually, I think I will sacrifice some of that for an opportunity to represent some of the persons who don’t feel represented. That are honoured I could never take lightly.”

Despite staying out of the races, Shipman said the line between her efforts to be a good mother and stay active in civic matters is blurring. Trump’s presidency has been “horrifying, ” she said, in part because of his “completely base rhetoric that insults people near and dear to me.” The reason she’s not running for office now could very well be the reason she objective up doing it subsequently: her kids.

“My political involvement is growing as my children grow older, ” Shipman said. “Ultimately, the need to create positive conditions for my and all children … that is the point of it all.”

Haley Stevens of Rochester Hills, Michigan

Haley Stevens campaign Haley Stevens.

Haley Stevens, 34, jumped into her race against Rep. Dave Trott( R-Mich .) last spring. That’s early in the campaign season, but Stevens had personal reasons: She led Obama’s task force that oversaw the 2009 fiscal bailout of the automobile industry, and was preoccupied by the thought of Trump’s budget cuts destroying her state’s innovation economy. She said Trott wasn’t doing anything about it, so she decided to take him on.

“The guy I’m looking to run against … he’s putting forward legislation to make it easier to collect on indebtedness. Are you kidding me? ” Stevens, who lives in Rochester Hills, said in May. “You can bring together people in really amazing ways. I’m a doer; we can do big things.”

Since then, Trott has announced he’s not running again and six other GOP candidates have jumped into the race. It’s a Republican-leaning district, but Stevens says Democrat have the momentum in this election cycle and the facts of the case that Trott dropped out presents he didn’t want to go up against her.

“You have an incumbent who looked at me as a competitive challenger, ” she said. “I was meeting with alliances of people in the district and there was this palpable energy and excitement. I maintained hearing,’ I can’t just waiting volunteer on your campaign in 2018. ’”

If she wins, Stevens said one of her priorities will be holding the president accountable when he tries to undermine institutions of government, especially the Constitution, or when he is flat-out racist. She criticized Trott last summertime for remaining quiet about Trump’s “both sides” response to white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“We’re going to continue to do that, ” she said. “I tell everyone I’m campaigning on a return to common sense in the nation’s capital.”

Hannah Risheq of Chantilly, Virginia

Hannah Risheq Hannah Risheq.

When Hannah Risheq was a kid, the Ku Klux Klan burned down her parents’ eatery near Asheboro, North Carolina. When the Risheqs opened a new one in Greensboro, clients stopped coming after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks because they knew her dad was Muslim. They lost friends, closed the restaurant and eventually moved to Chantilly, Virginia, where, at last, they felt welcomed as a multicultural, multi-religious household.( Risheq’s mom is Jewish .)

So when Trump became chairwoman, Risheq worried that his divisive rhetoric would erode the goodwill in her town. She decided last March, at the age of 25, that the best way to protect her community was to represent it. She announced a bid for a country House seat against Republican Rep. James LeMunyon, who had held the seat since 2009.

“I want to make sure that everyone , especially children of nontraditional backgrounds or identities, feels comfy and accepted being who they are, ” Risheq said at the time. “I’m operating because I want to give a voice to everyone.”

A year later, she’s not in the Virginia House — she lost in the primary — but says she’s proud of what her campaign achieved. She has since gotten married, adopted a puppy named Snowy and became a health care analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton. She’s also been doing a lot of yoga “to cope with the never-ending news alerts from our ridiculously unqualified and delusional chairperson/ his administration. Namaste! ”

Risheq isn’t done with politics, either. She joined Emerge Virginia, which recruits and trains Democratic women to run for office, and is sorting out her next steps in public service. She continues to advocate for Medicaid expansion in the state.

“If we would just do this one thing and expand coverage, 400,000 low-income adults in Virginia would be able to access health care, ” Risheq said. “It’s only the right thing to do and I’m going to continue to fight for it.”

It’s poke, human: the ultimate hipster-food glossary

Know your khachapuri from your Kalettes with our handy guidebook to the coolest, most obscure and sometimes ludicrous food trends

Modern food moves at a bewildering pace. Where once, influences from starring chefs would circulate slowly and new products could take years to establish themselves, today rare ingredients and new dishes can proliferate online, globally, virtually instantly. On Instagram, a coalition of food nerds not just cooks, but( amateur) bakers, baristas, brewers and artisan producers are producing a creative hysterium of new ideas and potential break-out trends.

It is exhausting. It is exciting. The ideas are often ludicrous. Yet foods appetite for the new is currently insatiable. The next menu “youre reading” will invariably be fitted with terms such as kefir( a fermented milk drink) or tsukune( Japanese chicken meatballs) that would stump all but the most painfully cool of diners. But, fear not. Together we are going to be able make sense of this head-spinning, at times stomach-turning world with this, the ultimate hipster food glossary.

A unicorn-style rainbow cake. Photo: Ian O’Leary/ Getty Images/ Dorling Kindersley


If you thought the freakshake was peak infantilisation for modern food, gues again. Unicorn is all about turning cakes, cooks, shakes and even the occasional toastie into eye-watering, multicoloured monstrosities, use a rainbow of food dyes, sprinkles( known as unicorn food ), edible glistens and tiny marshmallows. It has already spread( like devastating wildfire? contagious disease ?) across Instagram and Pinterest, to, last month, ITVs This Morning. At least, that cookery item was aimed at parents entertaining their kids at half-term, instead of ostensibly functioning adults who take this cutesy-wutesy, cartoon nonsense seriously.

Jackfruit. Photograph: Getty Images/ iStockphoto


Whopping great south-east Asian fruit being pulled hither and thither as vegetarians recognise its fibrous potential as an alternative to pork. Try the pulled BBQ jackfruit subs at Edinburghs Paradise Palms. Gues: dude food without the crisis of masculinity.

Barbecued calecots and peppers. Photo: Getty Images/ iStockphoto


An overgrown Catalan spring onion or is it the Iberian leek? Either way, abruptly visible in ambitious UK eateries where we gentiles often eat the whole thing , not just the sweet white bulb, usually charred and eaten dipped in romesco. Brindisas traditional calotada feast is served in London throughout March.


Wine! Would you merely stand still for a minute! No sooner had we got our collective head around orange wine( grapes fermented skin-on for greater complexity ), natural wine( minimal chemical/ mechanical intervention) and biodynamic wine( hippy, mumbo-jumbo wine) than up pops low-tech pt-nat or ptillant naturale a subset of softly sparkling, cloudy wines bottled midway through their first wild fermenting, to create raw, arousing plonk. Or unpredictable rubbish. Depending on your POV.

Kalettes. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo


Hispi( cabbage) and crosnes( tiny Chinese artichokes) operated it close, but if you want to name-drop a fashionable veggie this season, it has to be Kalettes, a trademarked kale/ brussels sprout crossbreed that produces sprout-sized kale cabbages. Think of it as the new plango( the plum-mango hybrid) or a sequel to the cronut( the croissant-doughnut )~ ATAGEND. Merely less fun.

Turbo G& T

A G& T spiked with cold-brew coffee, which everyone( OK, the style mags after it blew up on Insta ), is scream, the new espresso martini. Try a CBGT at the Mondrian hotel, London.

Cacao nibs

The in-crowd love to shroud trendy ingredients in linguistic mystery. Hence why these unprocessed shards of what we to benefit from merrily call chocolate beans are now referred to by their Spanish name( derived from the Aztec language, Nahuatl ). These bitter, chocolatey pieces are scattered across everything from porridge to Michelin-star desserts.

Miso caramel( with ginger ice-cream ). Photograph: Amit Lennon for the Observer

Miso caramel

Salt? Using salt to season food? What are you, a barbarian? No. All the cool kids now use miso, with miso caramel( the new, super-charged salted caramel ), promising to be its big, crossover reach. You get the salinity but with added umami, making it more savoury and complex, says chef Nick Grieves, who utilizes it with desserts at his Newcastle restaurant, the Patricia.


Instagram-driven idiocy( do you ensure a topic emerging ?) that for reasons unknown has ensure craft brew fans take to pouring murky beers in a way that leaves the glass brim-full with zero head. Outcome: the brew appears horribly flat and is impossible to drink.

Turmeric latte. Photo: Getty Images/ iStockphoto

Golden milk

The clean-eating cabal is really pushing turmerics health benefits, often in the form of this mix of nut milk and turmeric root, also known as a turmeric latte. Writing for Food5 2, Mayukh Sen concluded: Its a hideously nasty drink. He pointed out that in India, this bitter concoction( in Hindi, haldi doodh) is used to nurse sick children. Essentially, this is a Calpol cappuccino. But mystic. And romantic. Because ayurveda, yeah?

Pok. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo


The collective word for various colorful, soy-dressed Hawaiian raw fish salads, pok( verses with OK , not bloke) is big news in London, at the likes of Island Pok and Ahi. It has yet to induce serious inroads outside the capital. Make of that what you will.

Matcha Mille crepe cake

Multi-layered pancake n cream stack infused and/ or dusted with vivid green matcha tea. Suppose: the Unbelievable Hulk does Cook Off. Does it savor nice? No idea. But it appears stunning on Instagram, which, in 2017, is far more important.

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Boxer Who Appeared In Gay Porn Comes Out As Bisexual

Professional boxer Yusaf Mack claimed last week that he was medication and forced into doing a homosexual porn.Now, he has admitted that he did it by choice and says that he is bisexual.

Mack, 35, released a statement on Monday where he retracted previous allegations of being drugged when he made a movie with two other men called “Holiday Hump’n.”

In the statement, which was initially posted by gossip site, Mack explains why he claimed to be narcotic when he made the cinema last June.

I want to address a few situations with the first being the false asserts I made about being narcotic during the course of its Dog Pound adult film. I have never spoke negatively about the company that produced the cinema although the claim to have been given a drug by someone during defined was a lie. I was wholly aware and fully conscious during the course of its film.

The second situation, which further explain the first, concerns my lifestyle. I did participate in the adult cinema because at the time I needed money but also because I am a bisexual man. Entailing I enjoy safely being intimate with whomever I choose.

Lastly I would like to address the reason I lied. My life was completely destroyed once it had been outed that I participated in a gay movie. I selfishly tried to cover the truth and remain in denial, rather than accept the fact that I was resulting a double life secretly.

Previously, Mack claimed he had agreed to appear in a heterosexual porn film last June because he was short on cash.

Just before the cinema shoot, he said, producers gave him a pill and a shot of vodka to relax him. Mack claimed he didn’t recollect what happened next, but woke up on a train with $4,500 in cash.

DawgPoundUSA, the company that released “Holiday Hump’n, ” denied Mack’s allegations and threatened legal action against him on Friday.

Mack released the statement declaring his bisexuality on Monday, but he wasn’t very forthcoming about it during an interview with

During the interview, he refused to discuss the circumstances behind the shoot, quoting legal reasons. He also declined to discuss his sexuality, except to say he’s writing a book about the controversy.

Now, Mack is claiming he wants to help other bisexuals be comfortable in their own skin.

The former lighting heavyweight champ has created a GoFundMe campaign that is attempting to raise $ 100,000 for bisexual awareness.

“I want to attain[ bisexuals] aware of some of the cavity falls I experienced and I want to mentor them so they can live a healthy life and just[ be] yourself, ” he wrote on the page.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were no monetary contributions to the campaign.

The Huffington Post reached out to Mack but he has not reacted. In addition, his Twitter account has been deleted.

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